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  1. alvaldi

    alvaldi New Member

    stock verzion galaxy nexus android 4.1.1 46 day uptime. anyone else done better? please have screen shots to prove your uptime

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  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    define "uptime"
  3. Danielson2047

    Danielson2047 Well-Known Member

    Uptime would be time without rebooting.
  4. clemson77on

    clemson77on Well-Known Member

    It sure as heck won't be mine. I have mine set to reboot every night at 3:30.
  5. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    same here. i reboot mine every night at 2am. keeps me so fresh and so clean.

    but even if i didn't it probably wouldn't be more than like 7 days since i seem to update my ROM on a weekly basis. but i dont have random rebooots, so i guess i could go that long.
  6. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Well-Known Member

    Do you need an app for that, or is there a setting built in?
  7. clemson77on

    clemson77on Well-Known Member

    I use Tasker for this. I'm not sure what other methods may be available. It works well and keeps my phone performing like it should.

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