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  1. redtearsblack

    redtearsblack New Member

    Well I've had a shit day and the wifi not working on my phone has just about killed me(literally speaking, long story).

    My phone stopped responding to anything at all, so I had to restore to factory settings which wasn't too hard. Since then I've had a lot of trouble trying to connect to my wifi(Telstra BigPond AUS). Every time I put in the WPA/password it says that it's connecting then it disconnects, then it gives me the box for the WPA/password with the grey simi-opaque writing saying 'unchanged' so I re-enter the WPA/password and starts the connecting/disconnect cycle again. I've also tired just clicking connect rather then re-entering the WPA/password and this hasn't helped either.

    The wifi is working fine on my laptop and my bothers laptop it's just my phone that is rejecting it. The actual service provider(Crazy Johns/Vodafone) network is working fine and I can access say Facebook from the phone that way, but it costs too much(which is why I want to connect to the wifi). Does anyone have any idea whats going on here? How do I fix this so I can get my wifi back?

    Any help is very, very much appreciated.

    P.S. Yes I did check other threads first. No I'm not over stating how urgent this situation is in relation to my safety, I've had clinical depression for about eight years now. Being able to play games on my phone without the risk of a high bill has/does save my life.

  2. cole567

    cole567 New Member

    I think you should go check out your mobile data settings, or reboot your phone by turning it off the holding both sound keys and the power key until the samsung thing flashes the releasing some options will come up. use the sound keys to select reboot then press home key.

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