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Urgent! Cant use sim card on my verizon droid phone!!!!

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  1. shaselai

    shaselai Member

    So I am in Brazil with my droid charge and I want to make some local calls. I bought a TIMChip GSM card and replaced my Droid Charge's sim card and restarted. I get an "unknown SIM card" warning and i tried to activate it by making a call. After tinkering around the options I was able to set the network to CDMA mode and make the call but i get cut off immediately after the call is "being made". I see that the TIM Chip is GSM and it seems CDMA phones dont use SIM cards but how come there is a slot for it in the back of the droid charge housing my LTE chip? Or is it just a coincidence the shape is the same?

    As a followup, what are my options for being able to make local calls without internet help? thanks!

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    AFAIK, the Droid Charge will not accept GSM SIMs, only those for Verizon LTE. Had you contacted Verizon before hand?
  3. shaselai

    shaselai Member

    i tried contacting the help via skype but it kept ringing... I also read that the CDMA phones can take RUIM cards? Not sure if i can get one in brazil but is it worth a try or the droid charge wont be compatible with it either?

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