URGENT, Galaxy note wont start after factory reset

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  1. burneh

    burneh New Member

    I made a mistake and decided to root my phone, using something called netchip-cwm-update2.tar. I followed a bad tutorial and couldnt figure out what to do with it, so i just started up my phone again. Then the yellow sign at the bottom of the start screen appeared, and i decided to factory reset my phone. Turns out this was not a good idea, and no my phone is stuck at "samsung" screen when i turn my phone on.

    Anyone able to help me out here? Im really scared i ruined my brand new phone :(

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    *Moved to Samsung Galaxy Note > Galaxy Note - All Things Root forum*

    You'll get a better answer here. Good luck.
  3. dr.ketan

    dr.ketan Member

  4. duggu

    duggu New Member

    I have the same problem ............ before i read this post i wiped and formatted everything through clockwork mod recovery.
    Now i have also wiped cache partition and mounted firmware through "mount usb storage" ............. but when i try to install zip from sd card it says installation aborted .
  5. Dioky

    Dioky Member

    Hi there,

    Hope you have resolved your problem by now.
    If not so, just reboot into CWM (vol UP + Home + power) and don't mount nothing, just choose install from zip (you'll have to copy an appropriate ROM onto your SD card).


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