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  1. need2getin

    need2getin New Member

    I got my replacement phone and now the auto correct function has gone nuts.

    On my old phone when i typed something there would be a list of words that you coud select from on top of the keyboard. I could either change it to a different word or keep the same word.

    Now with my current phone, there is no word bank on top of my keyboard and the auto correct function just changes the word to what it feels is right.

    I cant login to anything now as none of my login IDs are legitimate words.

    PLEASE help

    i Am using a Samsung galaxy blaze

  2. rbeier1221

    rbeier1221 New Member

    Have you either turned off the auto correct function or installed a different keyboard?
  3. craZDude

    craZDude Well-Known Member

    If you hit backspace after it autocorrects your word, it should put it back to what you had typed, without changing where the cursor is. I dunno why the keyboard would be different unless you selected a different keyboard to be used.
  4. maccawolf

    maccawolf Member

    T9 predictive text. PERSONALLY, I hate it, and turn it off first thing.

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