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  1. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    I installed a couple of apps on yesterday night, and all of a sudden, my HTC Magic rebooted and couldn't start up at all now!!!

    I don't have my phone contacts, messages & notes being backed up!!!

    how should I go about with this now?

    my phone just didn't work at all now.

  2. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    In addition, does anyone know how to format/reinstall an Android on HTC Magic?
  3. Ramshackle

    Ramshackle Well-Known Member

    Guess what the exact same thing happened to me today too, my phone is stuck in a boot loop. I'm trying the following and let you know how I get on.

    Pull battery and wait for a few minutes. Boot into 'Safe mode' by reinserting battery holding down 'Menu' then powering up. You must hold down 'Menu through out the entire boot up sequence. When the phone boots you should see the word 'Safe Mode' in the lower left corner. From here you can remove any apps you think may be the problem. Then shut down the phone, pull the battery, wait a few minutes then reboot as normal. Hopefully this will work.
  4. Ramshackle

    Ramshackle Well-Known Member

    Ok here is what happened:

    Tried booting into 'Safe Mode'. I would get as far as seeing the 'Safe Mode' text in the lower left corner and then the phone would reboot, I could not get passed this stage. I thought there might be a problem with the SD card so I tried booting with the SD card pulled out. This did not work either.

    In the end I performed a Factory Reset which fixed the problem (don't worry you/I can redownload our paid for apps at no extra cost and all our contacts and calendar are synced up with Google.

    To perform a Factory Reset on a HTC Magic:
    1. With the device turned off, (remove and re-insert battery) press and hold the HOME and POWER buttons Untill the Yello Triangle is displayed ( this can take 15-20 seconds, continue to hold both buttons
    2. When the Yellow Triangle is displayed, release the HOME and POWER Keys
    3. Hold the HOME key, with this held down press and release the POWER key
    4. Release the HOME Key, using the Trackball, scroll down to wipe data/factory reset and click the trackball The device has now been reset.
    5. Using the Trackball scroll up to reboot and click the Trackball.

    Factory Fresh Donut!
  5. bighill89

    bighill89 New Member

    This happened to me a few months ago, I got stuck in a boot loop. The cause was some alarm clock apps. I corrected the problem by doing a factory reset/reformat using the technique mentioned above. Now I just use the default Android alarm clock app and it works fine.

    Regarding your lost data: you should have it sync'd to the cloud!
  6. Ramshackle

    Ramshackle Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to figure out what caused the problem but it was almost definitely a 3rd party app, I was installing and removing quite a few at the time.

    famasutika how are you getting along?
  7. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    I've no luck. Went to the HTC Care, but being informed to refresh the whole Android!!

    I've have to rebuild everything from scratch now! I hate the Contacts Import from SIM card... it just crab doing the import as it only capable of importing 250 contacts per operation....damn it!
  8. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Your contacts should be safely backed up in the Cloud : http://www.google.com/contacts -> Simply log in the same Google account as on your phone and your contacts should all be their :)
  9. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    Carl, do you mean, all my local phone contacts will also be backup to my Gmail contacts? Really?
  10. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    All the ones that were in your contacts on your phone should be backed up to your Gmail Contacts yes :)

    Give it a go yourself : http://www.google.com/contacts :D
  11. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    Nope. It only backup those Gmail or Google contacts. My local phone contacts were not being backed up/sync in my Gmail account..... Too bad.....

    Does anyone comes across any free contacts backup apps to SD card?
  12. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Do you mean you had a choice on your Phone to save the Contacts as Google Contacts or Phone contacts :confused: I Don't on my Magic?

    P.S. Try "MyBackup Pro" from the Android Market not free {Sorry I don't know any free ones , Hopefully someone will though} but Pretty good :)
  13. famasutika

    famasutika Active Member

    Carl, I imported my contacts from SIM as phone contacts, and now, how am I going to convert all those phone contacts to Google so that I could sort of backed the contacts up to my Google contacts.

    Yeah, I also found MyBackup Pro from Market, but I'm hunting for a free apps that only back up my contacts, nothing else.
  14. GuyHTC

    GuyHTC New Member

    Also got problems this morning and got stuck in a boot loop. Reason could also be that i had been downloading more applications lastn night.
    Also done a factory reset/reformat using the technique mentioned above.
    Didnt really lose a lot : most pictures etc are saved on sd card and contacts, email and calendar are synchronized via google so got it back in no time.

    just annoying that i have to install applications again...
  15. raqps

    raqps New Member

    Same here, the same boot loop. The crash caused Antivirus app from google market.
  16. andriodlover

    andriodlover New Member

    Can you help me restoring my phone which I have almost lost. I have HTC magic+ with Rogers Canada. I upgraded to android 2.1 recently. Today I tried to use custom ROM from HTC Magic - CyanogenMod Wiki but I screwed up.

    Tried RUU utility to restore my phone and no luck. Now it shows RUU mode only. Can you give me instructions on how to restore my phone.
    When I turn on the phone it has RUU option highlighted and does not allow me to do anything except fastboot.

    ROM is:
    HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000)
    JAN 14 2010, 00:14:58


    I need help pleaseeee!

    F:\AndroidSDK\tools>fastboot oem boot
    < waiting for device >
    ... INFOsetup_tag addr=0xA0000100 cmdline add=0x8F
    INFOTAG:Ramdisk OK
    INFOTAG:smi ok, size = 32
    INFOTAG:hwid 0x1
    INFOTAG:skuid 0x21402
    INFOTAG:hero panel = 0x0
    INFOTAG:engineerid = 0x2
    INFODevice CID is not super CID
    INFOserial number: HT96XNK00080
    INFOcommandline from head: no_console_suspend=1 console=null
    INFOcommand line length =365
    INFOactive commandline: board_sapphire.disable_uart3=0 board_sap
    INFOphire.usb_h2w_sw=0 board_sapphire.disable_sdcard=0 smisize=3
    INFO2 androidboot.baseband= androidboot.cid=ROGER001
    INFOandroidboot.carrier=Rogers androidboot.mid=SAPP50000 android
    INFOboot.keycaps=qwerty androidboot.mode=normal androidboot.seri
    INFOalno=HT96XNK00080 androidboot.bootloader=1.76.0010 no_consol
    INFOe_suspend=1 console=null
    INFOpartition number=6
    INFOValid partition num=6
    FAILED (status read failed (Unknown error))
    finished. total time: 7.969s

  17. awebagar

    awebagar New Member

    do you have Phone jack 3.5mm on top?..if yes.
    you do wrong flashing method...your Magic maybe MT3G 1.2 or Fender...
    you have perfected SPL with S-ON ..i got this problem too..
    but no luck
  18. lam88

    lam88 New Member

    can someone help me. i just got my htc magic a few days a go and i was trying to upgrade it using the RUU utility on my pc but somewhere during the process my usb connection was disturbed and my phone just went blank and cannot go on anymore. i think it lacks software to boot. is there any way i can get it running again. please help

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