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Urgent Help Needed to restore my X10Support

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  1. x10newbee

    x10newbee Member


    I need a urgent help in restoring my X10i to 2.3.3.

    Yesterday unfortunately I copied the build.prop of LT18i (Xperia Arc S having ICS 4.0.4) to my device (X10i) and all was fine till the phone was rebooted. Now X10i when booted, just shows Sony Ericsson and then no display on screen.
    Through Android commander I can see the files under system folder (build.prop) but just because it's not rooted, I cannot replace the build.prop with the original one (which I had backed up).

    Can anyone help me to replace the build.prop file to get my phone working?

    Your urgent help in this regard is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    So wait, why can't you replace the build.prop you backed up with the one you mistakenly put on your device?

    You said you couldnt...but why?
  3. x10newbee

    x10newbee Member

    Android Commander says phone is not rooted. I had rooted it earlier using superoneclick. Now since phone has LT18i's build.pop, something might have changed. If I try to copy paste the file, it says Phone needs to be rooted. :( If I run superoneclick, it says Phone seems to be rooted, do you want to continue? If I say yes, it just ends. May be phone is having LT18i (4.0.4) build.prop or because USB debugging is not enabled.

    So I think, if I can root the phone, I should be in a position to copy the original file. But how?
  4. doodownunda

    doodownunda New Member

    Try updating with seus update xperia x10 to get back to a working stock phone, if you get stuck (bricked). Then try again

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