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  1. AhmedPower

    AhmedPower Member

    Hello ,
    How long should the Samsung Galaxy wonder Battery last for with continuous usage for web browsing and twitter for example ?
    Or how long should it last for complete stand by ?
    I am asking because I bought a new Galaxy W and the battery last only for very few hours with the usage mentioned above , and I wanna know if this is normal or I have to replace it ?
    Up till now ( the 12th day from purchase ) , I am still very disappointed from the battery life ,
    what makes me so disappointed is that I compared my Galaxy W Battery with Galaxy fit Battery , in a life experiment making exactly the same thing on both phones ( open wifi and download from the market ) , My Galaxy W take about 3-4 minutes for the battery to decrease by 1% , while the Galaxy fit takes about 30 minutes to decrease this 1% .
    The owner of the Galaxy fit told me that may be the reason is that I have 1400 processor while he has only 600 processor , and the faster the processor the less the life battery , I don't know whether what he says id right or wrong .
    So I am still confused whether to take it to the warranty or it is normal ,
    Can you or anyone tell me whether the experiment result is normal or I have to go to the warranty ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. AhmedPower

    AhmedPower Member

    any one ?
  3. lu78

    lu78 New Member

    Hi Ahmed,

    I have a Galaxy W and they do have terrible battery lives! My battery seems to last about 12 hours...that's it!!
    I have to charge mine every night, i'm up at 6am, leave the house at 7am to start work at 8am and I usually put it on charge again in the car for the hour drive to work, or I know the juice will probably run out before I finish work at 6pm!.
    I then have to charge again it on the drive home, or it won't last the evening.
    I hardly use my phone whilst i'm at work, except to check messages on my breaks, I shut down apps when not using them and don't let my facebook or email update automatically, but still the battery life leaves mush to be desired!.

    I won't even get started here about the trouble i'm having with this phone on the THREE network *sighs* (oh, how i wish they would change their mind about releasing the gingerbread update for this phone, but they won't!)

    I like the interface of this phone, but the rubbish battery life and the bugginess it has, particularly with text messaging, annoys the cr4p out of me!
  4. considering that the battery is 1500mAh, I would assume that the normal usage time would be around 8-12 hours.
  5. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    Maybe check which apps are consuming cpu cycles when you're not using the phone. Some will run in the background and you don't need them all. Make sure to set the power saving options too.

    Do you run a live wallpaper, they really suck the battery down.

    The processor clocks down quite low in standby so it's not just that it's 1.4GHz.

    Of course it will chew the battery fast if you keep using it.

    If you don't need an always on data connection, turn packet data off and see what your email account settings are on. It may be checking for new mail frequently.

    Keeping screen brightness down as much as possible helps too.

    I rooted mine and deleted some un-needed apps to release more memory and speed it up. If I'm not on it a lot it can go 2 days between charges.

    I also have a Garmin Asus a50 which is only 600MHz, it's now used just as a GPS, media player, tool etc, but I don't use it as a phone. It will last ages on standby with 3G and data turned off. Flight mode really extends it.

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