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  1. jigsb

    jigsb New Member

    Hello Experts !

    I have nexes one, and i had rooted last year. then i had stopped using my nexus one for a year or so. Now again i am back to my nexus one.

    But, i am not able to use ROM manager, how do i update properly my phone.
    currently i dont have Android market app installed. its all screwed up.

    can you please help me and guide me how do i either remove ROOT and go back to original google OS? or atlest reset my root and get andriod market back ?

    i have also bought Premium ROM manager.
    Atlest if some one can give me a link , from where i can download current ROM then i can save it to my SD card and load it from there,

    Please help..

  2. duckfeet

    duckfeet Member

    I would suggest you put the problem in the title, as then more people would see what you need. For example, put "Can't Update Nexus One!" or "How Can I Remove Root?, Put Back To Original?"

    You might go to: Restore your Nexus One to its Original Shipping Image | MacHackPC
    For restoring to original.
  3. n1newbie

    n1newbie Well-Known Member

    Try PASSIMG method to revert to stock

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