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  1. melahi

    melahi New Member

    LG P690F Unlocked.
    1. The settings short cut is not working. So the Settings is not accessible.
    2. Unable to change to USB Debug mode as can not access Settings.
    3. No internet connection, Unable to connect to Wifi.
    4. Unable install /remove any app.

    I have tried to do the firmware update/recovery with LG PC Suit IV but its says already latest software so need to update.

    Is there any way to recover to factory default settings? Or Upgrade Android?

    I am completely lost here. Please HELP me!! Thanks in Advance.

  2. nik263

    nik263 Member

    Hi. when powering on the phone, keep taping volume up key. it will do factory restore. hope this helps.
  3. meet5000

    meet5000 Well-Known Member

    Was it rooted? If so, I shouldn't be asking this but have you deleted any system file accindentely?
    The only was is to go to Customer Care or LG Service Center.
  4. hangover68

    hangover68 Member

    If you can still boot into emergency mode then you can reload a rom, from phone off hold in the back and volume up button then press power button and hold till you get a yellow screen and keep holding till it flashes once then stays yellow. If this works then its not bricked.

    Use the method above to get into emergency mode then use this guide to flash the rom, use the V10E rom and not the chinese one.

    Telstra LG Optimus Spirit P690F V10F Chinese ROM

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