Urgent problem with AZERTY after gingerbread upgrade

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  1. custode

    custode Member

    Hi guys, I hope you can help, I'm getting mad and I have to solve this problem super fast, the phone is of a friend of mine and in 2 days he flyes away in the USA.

    He has a orange samsung galaxy 551.

    I rooted it, and flashed the gingerbread stock rom I5510XWKP5 ## from samfirmware

    Now, everything is ok, but the slide keyboard act as a QWERTY keyboard... this 551 has an AZERTY one.

    How can I do to make it again as an AZERTY one?

    I rooted the phone, again, now that I have gingerbread.
    Just give me an hint of what to do, please :(

    thanks :)

  2. custode

    custode Member

    Ok guys, I made a mess

    I saw a thread about AZERTY - QWERTY keyboard in this section, and I used a single ODIN flash with:

    Phone: I5510XWJL1_amss_phone_CL776067.tar
    CSC: GT-I5510-CSC-MULTI-OXXKD3.tar

    Started it. Flashed but The phone has not reeboted.

    Now it is dead, it doesn't charge, it doesn't go in recovery, it doesn't start or light the screen or make sound.

    Have I bricked the phone? Can this problem be solved in some way?
  3. custode

    custode Member

    Ok, it doesn't turn on or go in recovery, but now it goes in "download mode" if I press "power + Q (A position).

    Tell me what to do please, what have I to flash to make it function again?

  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    A.)Flash it to Stock gingerbread to get back your system .
    You need to root the phone for enabling AZERTY

    B.)mount /system in rw mode.

    Use Filexpert in root explorer mode or root explorer to navigate to

    replace the sec_keypad.kl file with the one below .(This will enable AZERTY ON YOUR HARDWARE KEYBOARD)

    (I renamed my QWERTY file since I dont want to replace it )

    change permissions to chmod 644 using cmd OR manually with root explorer

    Code (Text):
    1. #chmod 644 /system/usr/keylayout/sec_keypad.kl
    or manually with root explorer it should look like below

    Reboot Phone

    C.)get another keyboard app for soft qwerty keyboard .(Not risking it ;) ) AnySoftKeyboard is a nice replacement .

    Cheers dude
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  5. custode

    custode Member

    Ok, first thing: THANKS, I'm crying of joy. You're very kind :)

    Now, before going to work I've done the part A, everything perfect.

    For the part B, I don't understand a couple of things, if you can help me I'll do this without messing something :)

    1)mount /system in rw mode <-- what is rw mode? I mean, I find it in the phone or is it of Odin?

    2) Use Filexpert in root explorer mode or root explorer to navigate to
    /system/usr/keylayout <-- is this a phone app, that I download from the market (or run the apk to install it) (called root explorer) right?

    3) replace the sec_keypad.kl file with the one below <---- For this I put the zip file in the root of the sd card, then I'll find it with root explorer and I put in the right place, or have I to manually put it in the right place from the pc?

    Ok here it is. I'm really sorry for my Noobness, I hope you can help one last time. Thank you very much again, You saved my life :)
  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    To hell with that above file .!!
    It's not easy to explain all the stuff needed in one day !! .
    haha .

    Still I will try my best to answer and also provide a simpler method too.
    1.)It's an option in root explorer/filexpert
    2.)Yes its a phone app
    3.)No you have to extract the zip file and place it in sdcard and then copy it to /system/usr/keylayout/sec_keypad.kl

    Still it will take time to know so much stuff
    Easier method
    1.)Copy 1Azerty.zip to sdcard
    2.)reboot to recovery
    3.)use update from sd card option
    4.)select 1Azerty.zip ,and reboot system .(note the update happens in less than 1 second )

    Only hardware keyboard will be azerty remember .
    For software download a replacement keyboard like AnySoftKeyboard.
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  7. custode

    custode Member

    Thank you again :)

    I've used the second method. Now it seems to be right, but I still have problems with the punctuation and other function: EXAMPLE --> if I press "alt" and I click to the "1 (A)" "2 (Z)" I get not 1 and 2, but "!" and "+". If I press the question mark, I get "
  8. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    No big deal .
    Use the update from sd card for 2Azerty.zip.(attached file)
    Same procedure as above .
    cheers .
  9. mll

    mll Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks Karand ! Thanks to you I'll be able to use my azerty keyboard the correct way. Since I upgraded to Gingerbread I've been using it in qwerty mode, as I have no time to find the fix. Your packaged stuff did the trick easily for me !

    Note for other readers. Be aware that only this step is sufficient :
  10. custode

    custode Member

    Thank you, now is perfect!!!

    Greetings!!! :D

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