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  1. midostory

    midostory Member

    i rooted my phone xperia x8 using superoneclick.

    1st how i can make sure that it is rooted.
    2nd is their any steps to do after rooting my phone .

  2. midostory

    midostory Member

    i just roooed my phone to move apps to sd card and till nw can't do that , another issue i connect to an open wireless connection , admin of network there's a login page to write user and pass didn't show up although it's connected i can't loginto the page to write pass , otherwise it's worked in other phones run android too????
  3. midostory

    midostory Member

    any one here

  4. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    to move apps to SD, install 'link2sd', but you need to do a partition on your card first.. google it mate.
  5. midostory

    midostory Member

    how can i use use Link2SD in Eclair 2.1 ?????? very urgent need the way to do partition as memory 2gb
  6. Ecky

    Ecky Active Member

    You could upgrade to 2.3 (Gingerbread), then you wouldn't need any 3rd party software in order to move apps to sd

    In 2.3 you just do it in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications
  7. midostory

    midostory Member

    thanks i managed to make second partition , i downloaded froyo 2.2 but i can't use x recovery and i don't know the best rom what is
  8. midostory

    midostory Member

    thanks all for ur helps i nw rooted and installed xrecovery the last thing i need to know is what is the best ROM for my xperia x8 to installed , but i need the best with no bugs or any problems
  9. Ecky

    Ecky Active Member

    I've tried a few gingerbread 2.3 roms and so far found gingerxperia to work best on my phone, but it's really down to preference and which one works well for you

    Gingerfast for example seems popular but I've tried it on my phone several times and it just refuses to boot, you just have to try a rom or 2 see how ya get on

    Jut remember to back up with xrecovery, then do a factory wip before installing a rom

    Gingerxperia is here: http://androidforums.com/x8-all-things-root/298647-rom-v23-2-3-5-gingerxperia-rom-x8.html

    There are others to be found if you have a look through the All Things Root section of this forum
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  10. midostory

    midostory Member

    i installed froyo 2.2 it works ok wz me but the big issue and problem apple store force close and if i update any programs some of them show with a message force close i have to uninstall updates to work again ???

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