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  1. jjsutliff

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    Jul 13, 2014
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    So idk what happen all I know is that I went into the camra app and my front camra wont work but my back camra works untill I try to switch to the front then none wont work so iddk whats going on here but I would love to use my samsung galaxy s4 camra I think it takes realy realy good pictures and plus im stuck with it for two years or untill I use my insurance claim on it so any ideas ive cleared cache, data and even forced stop it I did a soft reset and hard reset even did A factory date reset still did not work took into sprint theyrepaired it and it worked for a week and does not work at all please help me :confused:

  2. BRAINZ2013

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    Hmmmmm that's funny I thought you was a tech that works at at&t now if the device wasn't rooted how can I fix my camera is what you may want to search for at work and post some helpful tips that you guys use . please no factory data resets . I would love to hear some true fixing strategies

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