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  1. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    well my only complaints to the US Cellular guy are that our phones are being hobbled by the carrier.

    Why disable tethering? I pay $30 a month for my 'unlimited data plan' which is now set to 5gb. Why do I have to pay extra for tethering when I'm not using anywhere near that limit month to month? Seems like I should have the ability to use my limit any which way I desire since I'm being charged for the full amount whether i use it or not.

    Than there was the upcharge for the US Cell navigator of $5 a month from the old $25 a month plan. Well I've got a GPS in my car and on my motorcycle and Google Maps works as GPS now as well. Why force your product upon me then upcharge me for that use?

    My last biggest complaint is about the service. I'm on a really old plan that dates way back to the late 90's. Even though my business plan is WAN I'm still roaming in parts of the country that the map shows I'm not. Why? because my plan was before it those areas of US Cell where affiliates or had distributors. Why isn't my WAN updated to the current WAN?

  2. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    The tethering option will be obsolete once froyo is released either in December or early next year. The Froyo android update gives the option for your andriod phone to be a "mobile hot spot". This allows anything with a wi-fi connection in close proximity to your phone the ability to have internet service... without tethering. Its pretty sweet if you ask me.

    I would call your local store to see about the roaming issues. Some of those older plans are not national, sometimes your phone shows you are roaming yet your not charged for it, or something like that could be the issue.

    Good luck!
  3. silliybilly

    silliybilly Well-Known Member

    Only part of your statement is true. Froyo does add the mobile hot spot feature BUT most carriers are disabling that feature and still making you pay for tethering! The only way to get free tethering is to root your phone and download the "wifi tether" app. (Google search it) The app turns your phone into a mobile hot spot but you don't have to pay your carrier's tethering fee. I used this app on my HTC EVO and worked very nicely.
  4. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    Actually, as you now know since you have the Mesmerize, the "wireless modem" app is pre-loaded and can be used as a wireless hotspot. Like I posted in the other thread, the answer I got from uscc was "we legally can't charge more for what the phone can do right out of the box". It will eat away at your 5gb cap though.
  5. brandougshep

    brandougshep New Member

    i have been very happy with us cellular for 6 years but when i went into my local store yesterday to take my mothers phone off our plan since she passed away last week the representative that i talked to was very rude and kept trying to get me to buy this and that and upgrade to the belief plan basically harassing me saying that if i didnt upgrade my plan to the belief project they would terminate my account with them im sorry that my mother died a couple days i dont wanna be here and talk to you for an hour all i wanna do is take my moms phone off our plan and go back home to my family. all i have to say about this is that when my contract ends in 2 months my family will be going to a different company
  6. BillH2

    BillH2 Member

    Sorry about your mother, as for the sales rep, I would have noted her name, the address of the store and sent U.S. Cell an Email saying just what you did above. A couple of years ago, I was in Seattle and needed some help on my car. I called Sears Automotive. I happened to have a pad and pen in hand when the Sears employee answered and I wrote his name down. He got real rude with me on the phone so I hung up. When I got home I went to the Sears site and related the conversation to them with information I had. I got a call from the Corporate office and the local store manager apologizing for their employee's rude behavior. Really didn't make any difference, but the store manager told me he didn't think that guy would ever do that again.

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