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US Cellular to offer 2.3 for MesmerizeGeneral

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  1. Country_Gravy

    Country_Gravy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if US Cellular is going to jump 2.2 and go straight to 2.3? 2.3 was announced on December 5th so I am assuming that it will be available for phones soon. It would make their delay of the 2.2 upgrade make more sense. Perhaps they didn't want to do two updates within a month of each other.

  2. userno69

    userno69 Member

    Umm please change the thread title. It is misleading and I got really excited.
  3. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    agreed with userno69.

    And no I havent heard anything on 2.3. It would be great to have though!
  4. Tekel

    Tekel Member

    My guess would be no. Even though 2.3 was released by google doesnt mean its ready for your phone. USCC will take it in and do their modifications (after samsung does theirs) so it could be a while.
  5. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    They are not skipping 2.2. it will be here by the end of January.
  6. iowahooch

    iowahooch New Member

  7. vicous707

    vicous707 Member

    yea plz dont make up stories man.... said it will be here feb then said it will be here on march... then i rooted my phone to get 2.2 FROYO!!!! EB16 PnP, and eb16 midnight blue steel theme :O (ROOT FTW!)

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