US Cellular to Release Samsung Galaxy S - Sell My HTC Desire?

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  1. Hey all,

    US Cellular just released today on their Facebook page that the Samsung Galaxy S they are launching is called the Samsung Mesmerize!

    They said: "Android fans, are you ready to be Mesmerized? On October 27, we officially launch the Samsung Mesmerize, a Galaxy S Phone. This super-lightweight device is a heavyweight contender in the Android world. It rocks a 4.0" Super AMOLED display, Android 2.1, 2 GB internal memory, a 16 GB SD Card, Swype technology, a 5 MP camera and an HD video camera".

    I bought the HTC Desire a month ago, and had some issues with the My Contacts Backup on it. They just sent me a new one today.

    I know both come with Android 2.1, and US Cellular said they should be releasing 2.2 by the end of this year.

    My question is should I sell the new HTC Desire they just sent me, and buy the Samsung Mesmerize at retail ($500)... or just activate the HTC Desire and forget about the Mesmerize?

  2. Come on people! this has been viewed 125 times and NO ONE wants to compare HTC to SAMSUNG?!?!

    Help me out guys
  3. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    I would keep your Desire. Its a rock solid device and from the looks of things it seems like samsung phones have been having some update problems and recalls! I have the desire and i have tried other galaxy s phones and i like my desire 10x over. The samsung seems to be slow on the swipes between the home screens. Just doent seem smooth like a htc. The only thing the samsung has is a better GPU but i depends where your heart is, if all you do i game on your phone the the samsung is better but if you use it for anything else the htc is better IMHO. I dont play many games on my phone beside something to pass a few minutes like padijump or something simple. I Have a ps3 to play games on lol
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  4. hey man thanks for the post. sounds like I will keep the desire.
  5. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    No problem glad i could help. Galaxy s phones are good phones but I dont think they live up to the htc quality. Look at it like this, the nexus one is still one of the fastest most popular phones out and the Desire is the samething with htc's tweaks and more Ram. Go to any at&t, sprint, or verizon store and play with a galaxy s phone. They all have the same hardware just different outside and some have keyboards and some are all touch screens but other than that they are all the same. Try one and see what you think for your self! Let us know what you think. ;)
  6. SpicyTacoto

    SpicyTacoto Well-Known Member

    I agree with the poster above. I also have the Desire and would never trade it for a Samsung, but perhaps if I was interested in hard core gaming I would feel differently. For me, the Desire meets every need.

    The Desire hd looks hot as hell but is not available in Canada (yet) but even if/when it is, it may not be for me. The 3.7" sizing seems perfect for portability. Screen size was another reason galaxy s was not my pick. Bigger isn't always better.

    All that said, I'd bet any galaxy s owner would tell you to jump ship. Ultimately it depends on what features and abilities matter most to you.
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  7. Segfault

    Segfault Well-Known Member

    The Samsung Galaxy S is nice phone. Most of the "lag" issues people talk about can be overcome by using Launcher Pro instead of TouchWiz. I personally didn't mind TouchWiz so much, I just like LauncherPro better. The main issue with the Galaxy phones is that the GPS has lots of issues. Like its can be a mile off kind of issue. Its got a newer GPS chip in it than most phones and I suspect they have some problems with the GPS driver that will probably get fixed when they roll out Froyo. It also has problems connecting to some enterprise wifi networks, I have a lot of problems connecting to the wifi at my work for instance. I think thats actually a known issue in eclair. Other then that its a pretty nice phone.

    I have Captivate, the screen is fantastic and the battery lasts me all day. Swype is awesome. The GPS issues are a little annoying. I'm going put the leaked Froyo on it this weekend and see if it will help with the GPS and wifi.

    So I guess it depends on what you are using your phone for. If you use it for browsing web pages and watching video then the Galaxy S is really hard to beat. If you are a hard core Google maps use then its probably not going to be as good until the GPS is fixed.

    I actually use Google Maps all the time but I'm just using it for checking traffic conditions. I'm already know where I'm going so I just need the GPS to adjust the map so its somewhere in the right neighboorhood. The few times I have tried navigation with it I got some wonky results, like it thought I was on the wrong street. I haven't tried turn by turn navigation and I haven't really tried navigation since AT&T pushed out their patch a couple of weeks ago.
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  8. w98seeng

    w98seeng Active Member

    I put my iPhone 3G away and got a Galaxy S and I love mine. The main differences between the two are speed and OS.

    The differences between the Desire and the Galaxy would be a lot less since they both have 1Ghz processors and are running Android 2.1.

    If you want to see the hardware differences, look here...
    HTC Desire vs. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S -

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  9. OK guys now I really don't know what to do. Someone from the software department of USCC came into my store today with the Galaxy S Mesmerize... man after seeing it now I'm stuck. I have an offer for $300 for my desire (so I would have to pay $200 more to get the Mesmerize).

    The text messaging looks a lot easier and smoother on the Mesmerize. the swype technology looks great. And when your viewing a text message conversation, each response is in a "bubble" much like that of an iPhone, instead of looking like a word document. Yeah i know it doesn't matter how it really looks, but still its slick.

    Also the screen clarity/picture looks better than my Desire (comparing them side-by-side).

    I also noticed the Mesmerize has a combined email box, while the Desire I had to specifically switch accounts to read each new email.

    I noticed that the power/standy button is on the top left of the Desire, while the button in on the right side of the Mesmerize (who knows if that matters)

    As far as the posts above, the Mesmerize seemed to have no lag when switching screens. The tech who had the phone said that they want this phone to launch without any issue, and that this would be the only Samsung phone he would recommend.

    I really only use my phone to make calls, text all the time, surf the web/videos, and use some applications. I had the iPhone for a year before my Desire, and loved it (when I could get service).

    As far as this whole "HTC Sense", "TouchWiz", or "Launcher Pro" - I'm a newb on this so if someone cares to explain that would be great.

  10. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    Ok htc sense, touchwiz and launcher pro are all launchers. They are the UI (user interface). Everything that you see, touch, feel ect ect..... They all have their perks and downfalls. Htc sense is always in high demand on rooted phones. It just has an easy UI. I dont have a lot of experience with touchwiz besides i thought it wasnt as smooth as htc sense. I have launcher pro running on my desire and i love it to say the least. I like the options and i love having a scrolling dock. Thats not a deciding factor really. Either phone can run launcher pro. This is really where it comes down to personal preference. How much do you e-mail, how much do you text, how much do you play games, how much are you watching HD video, ect ect ect....... Every phone is different because everyone is different. If you see the samsung meeting your needs better than the htc then thats great. What feels better in your hand, what gets better battery life? battery life is often something overlooked about a phone. Your getting a bigger screen your going to use more battery. There are so many different factors that come into play when choosing a phone. Just because the htc is good for me doesnt me its good for you or the next guy or the next.
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  11. silliybilly

    silliybilly Well-Known Member

    I for one will be returning my Desire for the Mesmerize. I switched to USCC from Sprint and had the EVO. I fell in love with the larger phone and I now feel that the Desire is too small! I can not wait for the 27th!!
  12. yeah I am excited to. Make sure to call your local store, some are getting the phones in as early as Monday the 25th!
  13. mmeiklejohn

    mmeiklejohn New Member

    Few of my thoughts:

    1) The feel: The desire definitely wins here. The galaxy s phones are extremely lightweight, plasticky and have a cheap feel. The desire is strong, holds a good/confident weight, and in my opinion has a better body/feel.
    2) The screen: The difference between SLCD and SuperAmoled is definitely noticeable, but not a huge deal. The SLCD is crisper and looks sharp. The SA is brighter and has more pop. As far as sunlight and all that jazz, I've read reviews that the SLCD is easier to read. All in all, the SA is brighter, but its not always better, I prefer SLCD bc images seem crisper.
    3) The specs: Mezmerize is going to pack a bigger screen, more space, and more ram/rom + BT 3.0. But thats all your preference. Once froyo comes out, the space becomes a nonissue (you could always root desire to froyo to solve space limitations of eclair)
    4) The UI: HTC Sense UI completely pwns Samsungs UI. The random/girly colored boxes and the bulky menu are meant to replicate the iphone, but just look cheap and worse than the look of sense. That being said, the galaxy phones are pretty easy to root. If you think you can handle the feel and have a clean root, go for it. You will most likely root back to sense, lol.

    I'm sticking with the desire for now because its boss and does it all. cell phones are starting to come out faster than ever (much like computers when we were growing up in the late 90s- picture the best buy weekend ads- every week the best and brightest from the week before was beaten) The next samsung galaxy s for USCC is going to have a slide out keyboard- are you going to upgrade again too?

    Peace of mind and satisfaction are my driving forces.
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  14. cesardrgn

    cesardrgn Well-Known Member

    samsung mesmerize comes out tomorrow and i can't wait to call and have one send to my house :)
    really happy and looking foward to it
  15. androidguy22

    androidguy22 Well-Known Member

  16. tricia856

    tricia856 New Member

    I have the samsung mesmerize and this morning when I turned my phone on nothing showed up on my screen. I removed the battery and did it again but still nothing. I can receive calls but can't answer b/c the screen is all black. Did anyone else have this problem and what was done to fix it. THanks.
  17. scribble79

    scribble79 Active Member

    I would change to the galaxy for one reason. There is a holster clip made by Seidio for the galaxy but not the desire. I know it is petty but i loved my seidio clip for my old bB and Razor.

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