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  1. mraza

    mraza Member

    Hi all, I had a few questions before making the switch from an iPhone 4 to the Galaxy Nexus (which has been a fail thus far regarding a solid release).

    I have been using the iPhone for the past 3 years and started to gain interest in Androids recently after fiddling with my brothers phone for some time.

    I am currently on AT&T (and plan on staying with it) and don't mind waiting for the phone to be released in the US, but once released here in the US, will all the phones be branded with Verizon (even phones sold from other retailers such as Costco and Best Buy)? I was thinking of ordering from a few of the sites others have used but I would like the phone to be supported here from whomever I buy it (with warranty and so on just to make my life easier). If the Galaxy Nexus release here in the states will it only include the Verizon version for the time being? If so, I don't see what the point is of waiting and just buy it from negrielectronics or somewhere along those lines.

    I was also wondering if you can buy the phone directly from Google with no carrier brands on it.


  2. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    no, it won't be VZW branded should it be released here for other carriers.
    it is my belief that Google will eventually sell the device on their site unlocked where you can buy it at full retail price ($649) for all 3, maybe even 4, major carriers. it's going to be a good while before this happens, though. by the time it does happen, quadcore phones will be either out or about to come out.

    edit: i wouldn't doubt that you will also be able to buy it subsidized from Google/Best Buy or elsewhere.
  3. mraza

    mraza Member

    So with the initial US launch (which is with Verizon) all the phones here in the US sold by all the retailers will be Verizon branded?
  4. zetroc

    zetroc Well-Known Member

    Yes, because no matter if you buy it at Verizon, Best Buy or any other retailer, you can only activate the phone on Verizon. If it was the GSM pentaband version then it would probably be like the Europe release (Google brand). But the phones destined for Verizon's air waves will more than likely have the Verizon logo despite the avenue of purchase.
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  5. mraza

    mraza Member

    I see.... thanks! I guess i'll just purchase the GSM version through Amazon or something.

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