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  1. crispy1

    crispy1 Member

    Is it more than likely that the U.S. will get the SGS II with the S-LCD screen and Tegra 2 processor instead of the SAMOLED plus and Exynos processor?

    I actually wouldn't have a problem with the Tegra 2 processor, but I would with the screen.

  2. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    I seriously doubt it, but it's hard to say until we know exactly what the US is actually getting. Will it be the SGSII pretty much as it is being released worldwide, or will we get 4 variants labeled as part of the series like we did with the first? Based on the quad band HSPA+ support, I'm guessing AT&T units will be pretty much identical, maybe firmware locked to AT&T SIMS. With CDMA/LTE on Verizon, you can bet the internal build will be different which gives Verizon the freedom to nip, tuck, and trim whatever it wants. Same with Sprint, though as #3, they're likely to throw in everything but the kitchen sink to lure away customers from the big 2. And I'm sure they'll want WiMax in it.
  3. Not gonna happen, unless everyone else in the world also gets Tegra2/LCD. THe US always gets the top tier stuff. There was never a threat of the Galaxy S getting an LCD when Samsung decided to switch displays for other markets in the European/Russian/Indian market. They saved the SuperAMOLED all for the US market, and didn't swap LCDs even for little regional carriers. HTC switching to LCD from AMOLED was also worldwide, so that doesn't count. All the flagships released in the US like the Evo and Atrix help support this top tier claim. The SGS2 may be releasing first in European markets, but Samsung really wants it in the US and other factors out of their control keep the release date delayed in the US.

    This may be a bit dramatic, but this has always been my impression. I don't exactly know why the US market is so coveted, with the ailing dollar and all. Maybe it's the large consumer base of 300+ mil under one roof that are relatively well off compared to say, India? Or maybe it's the iPhone. :D You can't have second-tier hardware if you want to make it big here.

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