USA Epic 4G w/Google Maps work in Germany?

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  1. arewin

    arewin Member

    I know Epic is a cdma phone that will not work on German GSM phone systems. But does the Epic need a phone connection to get maps from Google and access the GPS satellites for Google Maps when I'm in Germany?


  2. arewin

    arewin Member

    Answered my own question by going to the Google Maps site and found this statement:

    "Google Maps for mobile requires an active data connection at all times. "

  3. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    You can try MapDroyd free from the market. You can download maps and it works in offline mode. However, your Epic's GPS may not work when offline. Sadly, mine does not. Some do, some don't. Don't know why.
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  4. It can get location information via Wi-Fi probably.
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  5. PoundSand

    PoundSand Well-Known Member

    data connection can be wifi, and you don't actually need a active connection all the time- google maps will cache data (at least the newest version will). i had good experience with it last week in taiwan- opened up maps when in the hotel, scrolled around all the places i might be, then shut it down. while out and about, when i reopened maps with no data, it still worked and had maps.
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