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  1. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I'm in the market for my first Android phone (unlocked GSM). I want to get an ICS phone rather than JB (ICS more choices and less expensive; I only need a basic ICS phone, nothing fancy).

    I've been to Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Tigerdirect etc and none of them offer the ability to search --only ICS-- phones. Here in India there's a site that offers this, but phones in India are about twice as expensive, so I want to purchase my phone from USA site.

    Any USA site where I can browse ICS-only phones?

    Thanks! Kind Regards,

    Advait (or, temporarily: "Vladvait") :p

  2. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    I highly doubt any site will allow you to search based on operating system. But most of these sites will allow you to search based on price. So I would pick a price range start from there.
  3. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I've tried that on some sites but it's rather slow going. I have to check each candidate phone to see which version of Android it has. But it looks like I've got no choice.

    If anyone else knows of a site that offers this search feature, let me know. I've done some googling on this but no luck so far. Thanks!

    Kind Regards,

  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Shopping by O/S on most 3rd party sites in the U.S. isn't going to be accurate, simply because most sites will list the O/S that the phone originally shipped with, not the O/S that is current.
    So, your best bet is to look around in forums such as this one here, & decide which model best suits your needs & then shop around.

    I'd suggest using GOOGLE SHOPPER, & the retail sites AMAZON, e-Bay, Best Buy subsidiary COWBOOM, & WALMART.
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  5. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I didn't know that. Sounds like I'll need to confirm the actual OS version on the phone before purchase. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Unfortunately there's a rather stiff markup on famous name phones in countries like India and China. Basically because the likes of Samsung, HTC and Apple are really marketing them as luxury items, for the nouveau riche in emerging markets. That's why prices in the US are probably about half what they are here and in India.

    Something to keep in mind, is that you might not have any warranty or support if you do import a phone from the US. So if it goes wrong, could be expensive or you could be stuck with a broken phone.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 4S(not iPhone 5, that's not available here yet) are almost the equivalent of $1,000 USD here in China. China Mobile is still charging around $250 for a Nokia E71, AFAIK that phone is discontinued in most western countries.

    You wouldn't consider getting a nice Huawei or ZTE ICS phone would you?
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  7. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Regarding warranty support, during the warranty periods, I've never had any hardware problems with any phone I've owned. They developed hardware problems only way after the warranty expired. My feeling is that whatever phone I get will be fine during the warranty period.

    I would probably be totally happy with a Huawei or ZTE phone. But they're marked up here in India just like phones from any other company. If I can get a friend to courier me a phone from USA, I'll get it that way. Otherwise I'll just get a cheap and basic ICS phone here in India.

    So if you happen to run across a USA shopping site that allows me to browse only their ICS phones, that would be cool. I've tried all the sites I could think of. Thanks!

    PS: My "multi-quote" button doesn't work. Any way to fix it? I click on it and nothing happens.

    Kind Regards,

  8. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    nothing should happen, you click on the "multi quote" button for every post you want to quote except for the last. The last post you want to quote, you just click the regular quote button and all posts marked with the multi quote plus the last post you clicked quote on will appear in reply window. Think of the multi quote button as checking off the posts you want to quote.

    ps... sorry can't help you with finding a phone. Other than to say, that the selection of GSM phones that run ICS is pretty small when compared to the whole smartphone market.

    gsmarena's phone finder does allow you to search for phones by Operating System and version, it may help you narrow your decision.

    136 results when searching for a GSM phone running android os 4.0 that is currently available:

    click "show" to see the direct link.
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  9. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Ahhh.... So that's how it works. Thanks!
  10. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    Cool. Thanks! After getting a faster net connection, I was finally able to do some detailed comparison shopping between Ebay USA and India. To my pleasant surprise, I found that some off brand ICS phones (CECT, Karbonn, Micromax, etc) are pretty similar in price between Ebay USA and FlipKart. So now my plan is to wait until my old Treo Pro dies and then replace it with a phone from FlipKart. My old Treo Pro still does all the basic things I need.

    Thanks again for the link to GSMArena. Very useful site. I bookmarked it.
  11. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Okay glad someone could help you, if you need any more help feel free to ask :)

    Otherwise you also might want to watch out for shipping costs, i don't know how much the going rate to ship something to India is, but it probably will be steep.
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  12. Advait

    Advait Well-Known Member

    My plan was to have a USA friend bring the phone to me, so shipping costs are not a concern. But now that I've discovered FlipKart's ICS prices are comparable (at least for off-brand makers), I don't have to be tied to my friend's travel schedule. That means I can wait til my trusty 'ol Treo Pro dies and then get the new Android phone.

    And who knows, if my Treo Pro lasts a long time, instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, I'll be getting Android Zabiglione...! :D

    (google it)

    This is a very nice forum and has been very helpful for me. You guys rock! When my Treo Pro dies I'll quickly be back with more questions.

    Kind Regards to All,

  13. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    We are more than happy to help you regardless of your issues with your device :)

    Glad to hear you are pleased with the help we have provided you with :D
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