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$$$ usage meter

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  1. mick_a

    mick_a Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 26, 2010
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    Hi all.
    Like others, sorry if this is in the incorrect spot.
    Just wondering if some of the developers might be able to write programs for usage.
    Here in Australia, moble carriers charge a connection fee, then a set cost per 30 seconds.
    How hard would it be for someone to write a program whereby you can monitor your usage by the $ ( or pound) and have it reset each month.
    The settings section could enable you to enter your carriers monetory values. eg connection fee $0.37 calls per 30 sec $0.40 text msg $0.25, etc (everyone will be different due to differing charges via their carrier)
    Every month it would reset itself to start from zero again.
    That way you could keep an eye on your usage - especially if you are on a cap plan
    Personally, I'd like to see it written for Android, but need a starting point somewhere.
    I've searched android for some usage applications and have found a few that track usage through time (eg 400 minutes free) but nothing based on the $$$ side.
    Any thoughts? Or is there something already done like this? By the way, I'm with Telstra if someone has found something for them.


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