usb access broken because statusbar.apk removed. [fixed]

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  1. de2eted

    de2eted New Member

    Hi guys,

    I rooted my phone a few weeks ago.
    In my overzealousness I removed the status bar (did not back it up).

    Along with the disappearance of battery/signal etc., I also lost the notification: "you have plugged your phone in usb. Would you like to give it access" -so, while the phone makes a usb-plugged-in sound, and my computer can see there is a usb device, it cannot access the content. This, at least, is what I think has happened.

    The loss of usb access is the worst because I don't know how I could use "adb" to flash a different O/S [sorry I am mistaken - I can still use adb, just not access usb as storage] I will try to reflash the original OS on here right now.

    I really need help with this. I got a new job today and a working smartphone is required.

    Thank you.

    [P.S.I have installed 3rd party status bar, but still no usb access; and, I have also lost the "answer call" alert when my phone is ringing (I have to unlock the phone and then scroll through to answer calls).]

  2. de2eted

    de2eted New Member

    I'm sorry I posted this over-hastily.
    I'm a noob with these phones so I didn't think I could fix it myself.
    Here is the summary:

    (1) the problem was caused by the removal of status bar
    (2) it was fixed by flashing the original ROM

    To do this, first I backed up the ROM by installing ClockworkMod (following instr: [RECOVERY] LG Optimus Net Clockworkmod - v1 - xda-developers). I could install this because I still had "adb" access to the phone.

    Then I followed the tutorial here - and others by the same author- ([HOWTO] Flash DOWNLOAD firmware on P690 - xda-developers) to find and flash the original ROM

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