USB Cable Proprietary?Tips

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  1. Jaums

    Jaums Member

    Is the cable that comes with the charger proprietary or is it the same as a regular USB cable? Can you use a regular USB cable to connect the Breakout to your computer?

  2. basoodler

    basoodler Well-Known Member

    It is the same old usb.

    The drivers are hard to get installed from the phone . You have to go into file manager and find the phone. It will normally be F: drive. I had to cancel the autorun "bootstrap.exe" that the phone would try to run or the F: drive would dissappear. After you do that get into the driver folder, copy the drivers over. The 64bit windows drivers are posted in the "all things root" sub forum in the thread about the breakout rom.. I think page 2.
  3. daywalker03

    daywalker03 Member

    It's the same cable as my Blackberry Curve used,which means that any accessories like car chargers that are designed for that phone will work for the Breakout. There are a few different mini-USB connectors so you have to pay attention to which one the accessory has.

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