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  1. dawnlauryn

    dawnlauryn New Member

    Of the MANDATORY Features I miss from my Motorola Razr, this is the most important: There is no option to set USB connection to Charge Only! YIKES!:confused:

    I have contacted both Samsung and Verizon for support. Both say it's not available on this model and I should shop in the app store for an app (which IMHO is ridiculous, phone security should be a top priority). I've tried USB Lock Lite, which looked like it worked at first glance, then I checked on my phone a few minutes later and sure enough, you could access all files to the phone from my windows PC (which is charging on an office network). It's unreliable, so that was a bust.

    • Has anyone figured out how to secure their Note 2 when charging via USB Connection?

    Also, I'll throw these out there too, in case anyone else switched over from a Motorola Razr Maxx...

    • I miss Sleep Mode (conserves power, deactivates notifications, allows for the only sound to be PHONE, so it's doing it's primary job of being a phone). All I know to do to achieve a similar feature is just always keep my sound & vibration off on my notifications (which sucks) and then to close all tasks (see next).
    • I'm not crazy about the way you close apps on this phone, but at least I found out how to shut them all down without having to restart the phone or use the task manager: Just hold the center (verizon) button then select the Remove All menu option on the lower right of the phone.
    It's not bad, and the Note 2 is truly the SMARTphone I've been waiting for (I held out as long as I could with my Treo 700 before I caved and got the Razr Maxx) I just strongly prefer the Razr phone function buttons and how Motorola acknowledges, it's a PHONE and needs to function as such round the clock. This phone isn't for everyone, but I swear artists/musicians will love it (the S-pen just can't be beat) as will anyone who likes to write vs. type. Since the Note wasn't available with verizon until recently, in order to satisfy my lust for the S-pen, I had to ditch my Motorola Xoom for the Note 10.1...No regrets. Again, I'm an s-pen junkie, but seriously....when it comes to quality accessories, Motorola has got everyone else beat. Their doc stations are the bomb and I really miss my Xoom doc which had a fantastic speaker. I suppose I should write up a comparison to warn anyone else who changes over from a Razr to a Note 2. In order to be happy, I think the s-pen is a must have option...if it weren't there's no way I would have left the motorola line of products. Yeah, I know there are other accessories out there, it's just not the same....but this S-pen + the S-pen Holder...can't live without it....even if there are no work-arounds to my woes.

  2. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    If your Note II is locked with pattern or a PIN BEFORE you plug it in to your PC, you cannot get to the files on the phone until you unlock the phone. But be aware that once you unlocked the phone while plugged in, the files will still be there for access even after you relock the screen. You will have to unplug it, lock the screen, and plug it back in. At least that's how my Note II works.
  3. dawnlauryn

    dawnlauryn New Member

    Yeah, I'm aware of this. ... It just seems like a very bad oversight on their part over at Samsung. I just don't see the reason to have to lock the phone while I'm right next to it and if I want to just take a 1 minute break to glance at alerts. ..well all that plugging/unplugging turns a glance into a task. This really seems like a no brainer to me. We have enough to deal with messing with constant updates and concerns over other security issues (virus). I appreciate the response.
  4. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

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  5. dawnlauryn

    dawnlauryn New Member

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