USB charging port cover broke off - Anyone else?General

  1. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Well-Known Member

    The watertight cover for the charging port broke off my S5 last week. Anyone else? I was opening the door to charge the phone and the silver door just snapped near where the black hinge part fastens. I figured this would happen eventually but did not expect it to happen in less than a year. Since I do not often need waterproofing this is not a big deal for me.

  2. lg4420

    lg4420 Well-Known Member

    Mine did too. Called vzw and they are replacing the phone.
  3. philayl

    philayl Well-Known Member

    Hi, a common problem, you can buy new covers very easily, they are very easy to fit, just one screw to undo. Phil
  4. Mcgee10

    Mcgee10 Active Member

    Samsung should be giving these away free for designing it this flimsy. My rubber plug in my Motorola phone never broke in 11 years.

    The video does make it very easy to change.
  5. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    I have one S5 that is 11.5 months old, so far, so good.

    The 2nd S5 is only 3 months oled, and so far, so good.

    But, both of them have Qi wireless chargers and the only time the port cover is opened is to export a picture to the PC.

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