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USB Connected and Mounted but HTC Sync Disconnected

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  1. Dallasguy

    Dallasguy Well-Known Member

    I have done a search and found problems of people cannot mount and are not connected. However, my prob is different.

    This is my second PC to attempt with same problem. I dl HTC Sync and connect with USB cable that came with phone. I get the USB icon on the top of Hero but HTC Sync says disconnected. When I bring down the USB icon and press Mount I get a "Removable Disk (E:)" popup.

    The options at this point are: Copy pictures to folders, Use slide show of images, Print the Pictures, Copy Disc, Play, Play Video Files, Open Folder to View Files, Take No Action. This tells me that the PC is reading my phone, however, HTC still says disconnected.

    Do I select one of these options in order to be connected on Sync? My goal is to update the firmware.

  2. Dallasguy

    Dallasguy Well-Known Member

    I have also used non-HTC USB cables with same outcome.
  3. Dallasguy

    Dallasguy Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention...HTC Sync upgrade (V2.0.18), I have tried both Vista and XP machines.
  4. Dallasguy

    Dallasguy Well-Known Member

  5. JameyK

    JameyK Well-Known Member

    I don't even get a connect. The charge light will come on, but my computer will not see the device. I've rebooted the phone and the computer and can't get it to happen.
  6. Craig3050

    Craig3050 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I had the same problem. Here's what I did:

    Install latest HTC sync
    Open up device manager of windows (Right click my computer > properties > device Manager)

    Press HTC sync on your phone

    Press refresh on device manager, Your phone should come up as ADB or something like that. It'll install drivers for it.

    Once it stops chugging along, click to expand the ADB device and it'll say something like "HTCDream".

    Right-click that and choose update driver.
    Choose select own driver, then from that choose "My HTC" as the driver.

    Hopefully it should work after that.

    I apologise for the convoluted instructions, but I'm not at my PC, so I can't check.

    If you don't get it working, I'll write proper instructions for you.

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  7. JameyK

    JameyK Well-Known Member


    How do I install HTC sync? And where would I press HTC sync on my phone? Sorry, I'm so challenged!
  8. Craig3050

    Craig3050 New Member

  9. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    Most of the task killers/managers will terminate/kill the "PC Synchronization" service which is essential for this Sync to work. Earlier I was using taskpanel or something which once/periodically kills this service. This I identified when the Sync was working fine up to ~30 secs after I reboot (my phone) and suddenly it goes away. Even PC Sync option will not be displayed in notification bar while sliding it down.
  10. thomat

    thomat New Member

    That did the trick for me, thanks! (but I had to be quick and refresh device manager and find the ADB-thingy and right-click and update driver. If I waited it disappeared)
  11. thugz1

    thugz1 New Member

    craig 3050 .... U R A GOD SEND!!!! U ROCK!!!! i know this is an old thread but this is the only thread i found that actually worked!!! just put android to my HD2...now that i can sync it i want another 1 ... i love this phone so much :)

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