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  1. Pidasso

    Pidasso Well-Known Member

    I just started having a problem with my Indulge last night it will chime and tell me a USB connection has been made then it goes away then back etc... not only is this annoying if I am trying to do something because the pop up screen appears but I assume it will kill the battery(this is happening when nothing is connected)

    I looked closely at the USB slot and everything appears normal....the center post isn't bent and nothing is stuck in there.. the USB cable connects smoothly and it still charges

    anyone have this happen before and how did you fix it?

    thanks in advance

  2. Pidasso

    Pidasso Well-Known Member

    well i turned the phone off and removed the battery, took a sewing needle and gently probed around the USB socket to make sure there wasn't anything in it, didn't see anything come out but when i rebooted the phone it seems to work fine now.
  3. trapless

    trapless New Member

    end the connection from the phone first, then from pc via remove/unmount safely and then disconnect the cable to avoid that issue.

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