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  1. huntyr

    huntyr New Member

    lg apex phone

    I can charge my phone by a wall phone or car charger but I cannot charge it by usb or use usb to transfer items to or from the sd card.

    Is there a setting that got changed somehow??

    anything I can try??


  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums!

    It's best to post questions about specific phones in their respective forum, since each device is a little different. For your phone it's the LG Apex Forum

    If when you plug the phone into the PC that it doesn't charge, then I'd suspect a bad cable or USB port on the PC. Try a different cable or a different port. Once you get it to recognize that it is plugged into something, then we can work on getting data transfer going.
  3. huntyr

    huntyr New Member

    thanks, I will go repost it in the other forum. But neither one of those are the problem. I have three usb cables, two ports. No matter what cable I use, the computer does not recognize the phone is attached. It does not charge (even tho the phone says charging), it actually drains what charge is there.
    I can then attach my Nook to the same cable and it charges up just fine.
    I can plug my camera usb cord into the same slot and it too, is recognized and works fine.

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