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USB connection with PCGeneral

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  1. thewantedfan

    thewantedfan New Member

    I want to transfer music and photos from my PC to my phone vice versa but i does not seem to be working on my PC
    I have windows XP and as i connect my USB to my PC it comes up as "removable disk E" but as i click on it is say "please insert disk E"
    i am using the USB tethering but nothing seems to be working
    it has only worked on my phone once but it just wont work again

  2. galesjam

    galesjam Member

    Set your USB connection type on the phone to 'Disk Drive' instead of USB Tethering then it should work OK. You can then access the phones SD card as drive E to copy your files to.
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  3. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    I use MyPhoneExplorer and use a wifi connection. Much easier and convenient.

  4. Steve Blyth

    Steve Blyth New Member


    I've got an HTC Wildfire S I am trying to sync with my computer, but it keeps coming up with 'all categories are switched off, please switch on at least one category' this is so frustrating as it doesn't tell you which categories to turn on.
  5. Daveb3650

    Daveb3650 Member

    I gave up too.... one minute it recognises it....then it doesnt.....

    I ended up Bluetoothing the tracks one by one....

    Sync ing is naff.... it syncs, then when i switch off twenty minutes lates.....voila, everything that was supposed to be transferred wasnt done....

    Now, im off to suss out what fonexplorer is...

    Good luck
  6. you can use your phone software, in USB tethering mode, and that is easy.in the software you can sync and copy file to SD card.

  7. visar

    visar New Member

    you can just select category sms i think or the contacts, etc, or all of them :) they are on the left if im not mistaking ..
  8. visar

    visar New Member

    Put it on "Disk Drive " and you must either enable or disable debugging ( not sure ) try out both of them . one of them will work for sure 100%
  9. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Or just take the card out and use a standard USB card reader, much easier

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