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  1. Davolt

    Davolt Member

    Hey guys i recently bought the LG Motion and i have to say i love it! But i still want to fully unlock it and i have been having problems with it.
    I have looked everywhere and nobody i guess has had this issue and i am hoping at least you guys can try and help me out step by step.

    Problem: I can't turn on my USB debugging because is grey. I have even download some apps to try and turn it on but they do not work.

    My settings are: USB Connection type: LG Software and Ask on connection is disabled.

  2. g0lden

    g0lden Well-Known Member

    Is your phone plugged in when you try to turn on debugging?
  3. Davolt

    Davolt Member

    Both, when is plugged and unplugged.
  4. g0lden

    g0lden Well-Known Member

    try switching to mtp or charge only
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  5. Davolt

    Davolt Member

    Haha it worked thanks, been trying to root but won't work, you know any that do?
  6. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    If your still having trouble rooting make sure the drivers are installed properly on your computer

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