"USB device has malfunctioned" please help, can't connect!

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  1. Victory

    Victory New Member

    I've done a search and there are threads similar to my problem, except they can transfer data. When I plug my phone in it wont give me access to the SD card? Wont even act as a removeable storage device, what's going on?

    I've tried using the sync program that i downloaded but nothings working. I tried following the tips to get it synced but the problem seems to be with windows not recognising the device.

    Got my Desire today and i love it, but i'd rather it wasn't broken... :/

    Running Windows XP fully up to date.


    EDIT: Fixed it, thank you! :)

  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    You might try a different cable, to see if the fault is in the cable rather than the phone or pc.
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  3. Victory

    Victory New Member

    Thanks for the reply, I've got 6 USB ports I tried the final one I haven't done and it worked grrr, obviously my computer being stupid. :/

    I'd delete the thread if I could!
  4. charlies99

    charlies99 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried tapping the usb symbol in the top left hand corner (Notification bar) and then changing it to mount as disk drive ?
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  5. Victory

    Victory New Member

    yeah i tried that thanks, turns out it's just being temperamental only works in one of my 6 usb ports... hmm
  6. Tonco

    Tonco Active Member

    Today my Desire wont communicate with the PC. It has, without problem for several months acted as a disk drive but today it is as though the pc does not recognise it as the HTC desire.
    There is no drive icon on the phone. I changed the default to 'ask me' and it doesn't. I've tried more than one USB port. I've tried rebooting both PC and phone.
    I've uninstalled the HTC driver on the PC and it recognised and reinstalled the HTC Desire driver when I plugged the phone in but it still won't communicate. Drive D does appear on my list when I plug the phone in but when I click on Drive D it just gives me 'Put a disk in drive D'
    I think it's a windows pc problem rather than the phone.

    Can anyone help please?
  7. T.I.

    T.I. Active Member

    take ur memory card and put it back in..see if that works... and doess ur phone recognize the memory card?

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