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  1. AgentSmith80

    AgentSmith80 New Member

    I have seen people complain about this with other phones but not the D2G and the solutions others have found helpful have not worked for me.

    Today I did a factory reset to my phone, the first since I've done since the gingerbread update. I attached my phone (via factory usb cable) to my laptop (Windows 7 32 bit). I immediately get a bubble saying "USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it". The phone does not charge, and the storage device does not show up on my computer. I tried rebooting the phone many times, rebooting the laptop, installing the driver from motorola, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver (several times), enabling/disabling "USB debugging" on the phone - which does bring up the option on the phone for "USB Connection" where you can select PC Mode, Media sync, mass storage, or charge only", I've tried switching between them but nothing changes, the computer still won't recognize that anything is attached.

    I then tried plugging it into my high performance i7 PC with Windows 7 64 bit, same problem. I installed the motorola drivers there, same error, same behavior. Other USB devices work fine. So I know it is not an issue with the computers, it is with the phone.

    I then did another factory reset on the phone and tried with the laptop again and same problem. I've tried pulling the sd card and reinserting. I've tried plugging into other usb ports. I've tried mounting and unmounting the sd card in the settings. Nothing changes.

    Does anyone know a way to fix this? I would like to root my phone but since z4root does not work on gingerbread and I can not connect this thing to a computer, I'm stuck.

  2. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    I have the regular D2 not the global, but it sounds like they have the same options when connected to the computer. You say you are running GB and want to root, which means you have to use the Oneclick program from the computer.

    Since no computer is recognizing you phone, lets start with the basics, which it sounds like you have done, but a good preflight is in order.

    1. Settings > Applications > development > I have all three options checked.

    2. Plug the phone into computer and you should hear a notification sound. Drag your notification trey down and you should see USB connection. Open it up and choose PC mode and ok. After a few seconds your computer should have a Droid2 icon in the program bar.

    3. Run the onclick program.

    If none of the above happened then I would download the Android SDK and when it installs it will get the correct drivers
    Android SDK | Android Developers

    Go slow and deliberate on the above link.

    One other thing, I now have a Droid Charge and when we root it, we have to use a usb plug in the back of the computer. Might try that first to see if it makes a difference for your phone.

    Also, try a different usb cable before you do anything else.
  3. AgentSmith80

    AgentSmith80 New Member

    I have tried all of the above, and every other thing I've seen all over the internet. There are a ton of people who've had this same problem on various android devices. The "fixes" seem completely random. What works for some doesn't work for others. It just really seems random whether it starts working again or not. I've tried both verizon cables I have (one from my original Droid and the one that came w/ this D2G). I've tried all the usb ports on my laptop. I've tried my i7 desktop w/ Windows 7 64bit. I've tried task killing various running apps. Rebooting the phone and computer various times. Enabling and disabling USB debug (this lets the phone realize it's connected, up until checking/unchecking this, the phone doesn't even recognized it's plugged in and never charges, but once I do this, it brings up the USB connection option on the phone where I can select one of the four usb options, changing them does nothing though). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the android drivers and even the sdk with drivers. I've done a factory reset. I've gone in the device manager and delete the device ("device unknown") several times. I've even deleted all the usb controllers and hubs and restarted. I've tried manually updating the driver from the device manager menu, selecting the downloaded android driver. NOTHING works. I just continue to get the sound and bubble in the task bar saying that the device isn't recognized.

    The only thing I haven't done is reformat the sd card which I want to avoid since I'd have to manually send everything on there to my email or picasa or something.

    I can't believe how many people have experienced this problem and there's still no concrete solution anywhere. I think tomorrow I'll be taking this thing back to Verizon. This will be the 2nd one I've had to return in 5 months (the other for keyboard malfunction).
  4. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    You have done everything. Get a new phone, for sure. Take your laptop with you and make sure it sees the new one before you walk out with it.
  5. tjl1756

    tjl1756 New Member

    This thread has me curious now. I always thought the problem was in the Motorola driver. My laptop & my PC generally accepted the inital connection of the D2G to the usb port, but if I unplugged the cable, all further connections would result in the "unrecognized usb device" until the PC was rebooted. One connection in a row between boots is all I've ever managed. (Running Win XP on both desktop & laptop)
  6. AgentSmith80

    AgentSmith80 New Member

    Well, I called verizon to get a replacement sent (they don't care the Droid 2 Global in the Verizon stores anymore) and was told that my early upgrade date is in a few weeks. I had never heard of an "early" upgrade date. It has only been about 6 months since I bought it and I thought I would be stuck with it for 6 more. I decided not to replace it since I can just go buy a RAZR in a few weeks.

    Then two nights ago I forgot to bring the phone upstairs with me when I went to sleep and didn't plug it into the wall as I normally do. I woke up and went downstairs to find my phone dead. I plugged it in, expecting it to light up and eventually power on but nothing. I got the charging light on the side but nothing else. I tried removing the battery and letting it sit and plugged it to my car and home chargers, nothing. I let it charge all day and it never powered on, no matter what I did. I did not have any spare batteries to test so I ended up at the verizon store last night with it. They let me have a new battery for free, and the phone came on, and they verified that I can get a new phone in a few weeks.

    I began to wonder if this could somehow be the problem, however unlikely, with the usb connection. I went home and tried it but no, same error. I find it strange that some people are eventually able to get it to work again and some aren't. I think the problem is the part of the phone that tells the computer "hey I'm an android phone, find my driver". The computer seems completely unaware of what is connected to it and will absolutely not use the driver even if it has already worked on that computer and thus that driver is already installed, and even if you try to manually force it to use the motorola driver. It just does not recognize what the phone is. What's really strange is that a factory reset doesn't solve the issue.
  7. squintsalot

    squintsalot New Member

    I feel your pain, and not surprised by the overall behavior. I never contracted for the Droid 2 Global, but I did have to return 3 phones from eBayers until I got the one that works... each one had its problems. I get the exact same device not recognized on my computer. I've given up, and will just move files around with an app for Bluetooth File Transfer from medieval (assuming your laptop has Bluetooth like mine does). Hope the RAZR is a good phone!
  8. AgentSmith80

    AgentSmith80 New Member

    Well the new battery didn't fix the problem with the phone dying. Two days ago the phone died again (it only lasts about 8 hours on idle even with the brand new battery). I figured it was no big deal and a few hrs later I went to bed and plugged it into the wall charger as normal. When I woke up, it was completely dead again and would not turn on or charge. It completely killed the brand new battery they had just given me. I had to go back to Verizon again yesterday (2nd time in a week) for yet another new battery. Apparently if I let it go completely dead that's it, there's no saving it and it will completely kill the battery, and it can't be recharged. So I have to charge it at least 2x a day to make sure it doesn't completely die. Words can't describe how much I hate this phone. I'm counting down the days till the 14th when they're allowing me an early upgrade.

    I'm curious if the killing the battery problem is related to the usb not recognized problem since they both started around the same time.

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