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usb doesnt recognize.Support

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  1. Sasha19_81

    Sasha19_81 New Member

    Hy all..
    Im a 30 years old guy whos completly lost in this world.
    I have some knowledge on how this should work, but i cant get it to work.

    i used a samsung data cable and a nokia data cable..
    windos 7 x64version
    doesnt recognize nothing.

    read the stickys,
    read the faq

    and im still completly lost..

    Usb debuging is on
    mass storage is off

    tryed with storage on and of, nothing.

    used the New samsung studio- dont recognize.
    uninstaled it
    tryed just pluging it in. nothing

    if anyone has a idea id be happy .


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  2. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    New Sam*censored PC studio should work, you must download 64 bit version for Windows 7. First install New PC Studio (don't forget to update it), check if USB debugging is off, if it is then turn USB mass storage on, plug the phone to your PC (back port) and mount the SD card from the phone. Then let the Windows 7 do their job.
  3. Sasha19_81

    Sasha19_81 New Member

    still nothing.
    Usb doesnt recognize nothing.
    nothing in notifications in the phone
    nothing in the windows popup like i didnt plug anything
    usb port is working
    data cable is working with samsung i9000s
    i7500 mobile is charging

    i dont have the original cable for i7500 im using the data cable from i9000s, could that be the problem ?
  4. beardr0id

    beardr0id New Member

    I'm actually in a similar boat. I bought a gt-i7500l second hand so I could get my feet wet with rooting and use it as a media player. When I plug it into my computer (Windows 7 starter) it will show up for half a second under my computer then disappears. I tried the samsung software and it told me that the phone does not support file transfer, which I find hard to swallow. I called samsung and they told me the same. If anyone has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. I've done all the above steps as well, and formatted the phone twice.
    Thanks guys :)
  5. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Try looking for, if mass storage option is checked on and also USB debugging mode also. Try with playing with that options (can't remember which must be checked and which don't :p ).
  6. rickgauden

    rickgauden New Member

    I'm with the same problem :'(
  7. rickgauden

    rickgauden New Member

    OMG I'm so f*%$#ng happy!

    I have fixed the problem =D

    Problem: computer can't recognize usb

    Cause: your computer can't recognize your Samsung USB driver
  8. beardr0id

    beardr0id New Member

    Sadly that didn't work for me. The phone showed up as connected for a few seconds, but then disappeared again. :(
  9. rickgauden

    rickgauden New Member

    well... the problem happens only on your pc?
    try to root your phone and install another version of android.. it's an alternative I hope it works ;)

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