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  1. rajapandian

    rajapandian Active Member

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  2. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member

    These Drivers Will Do The Trick!^
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  3. rajapandian

    rajapandian Active Member

  4. gvkhere

    gvkhere New Member

    Hai There... Can You Pls Post or Upload the drivers that you got from the service centre..

    Thnaks in Advance...
  5. rajapandian

    rajapandian Active Member

    Link updated
  6. Prakash 42Gear

    Prakash 42Gear New Member

    I installed the above driver (Micromax A70 ADB interface) but still unable to see micromax a70 under adb attached device list. Can there be something else I am missing?
  7. NVAndroid

    NVAndroid New Member

    Given link does not work for me on windows xp. please, help to detect usb debugging on A70.

    Below steps I have performed from file.
    1. Extracted zip file.
    2. Right click on android_winusb and clicked on Install.

    Then I connected to A70 with PC and gave command for adb kill-server , adb start-server and adb devices; but it does not show me A70.

    Appreciate your kind help.
  8. suresh143

    suresh143 Member

    where it paste tell how to install it give a deep procedure....
  9. suresh143

    suresh143 Member

  10. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Just realized that these are useless!!! :(

    Phone doesn't show up in ADB even though it said that "Drivers Successfully installed!".

    Micromax A70 sux unless it gets full android things!
  11. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    yes, I am also having the above told situation. The driver is successfully installed but the device is not detected. Somebody please help....
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  12. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Well Well ... unzip the folder put it on the desktop connect the phone ... when it pops up for driver (unable to recognize)... show the computer the downloaded folder... Reboot Done !! I am working on the ADB solution will keep you posted!
  13. jas2090

    jas2090 Well-Known Member

    every time i connect usbdeview shows that it is connected to micromax a70 usb storage devise rather than connecting it to micromax a70 adb interface driver,i think if that adb driver can be connected to the usb then this whole thing can be solved,i m not any programmer or developer but a user who is in svere need of adb interface usage to get my phone's internal memory freed,plz help me !!!!!
  14. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    well, to free your internal memory, adb is not necessary to an are some suggestions:
    1. first, root your phone using z4root from xda
    2. install "apps2sd" and move applications to sd card( some might not be movable)
    3. clear the cache using the same app
    4. install "titanium backup"
    5. remove unwanted apps (like micromax store...) that you donot use at all.. do not remove any system apps...also make sure you back up before uninstalling.
    6. I also have installed rom toolbox and cleared the dalvik cache(dont do this everytime..just when you have uninstalled many apps)...

    after this, hopefully you will have got some free internal memory..
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  15. rdev31

    rdev31 Member

    dear sir plz help me maine upar bataye links se file download ki hai 11.27 mb ki but jub pc pe use kholta hu to usme system file karke aata hai isme ek bhi exe nai hai mai kya karu aur kaise apne fone ko laptop se conect karu plz plz
  16. blandmc

    blandmc New Member

    hi all -

    I have an HTC ChaCha A810e (Android 2.3.3 OS).

    like most people, I am searching for a workaround to the silly Andorid issue of default install to device, even though they put out devices with only 150 MB of internal storage which is immediately used up in the first week - even with moving all movable apps to SD card and clearing cache I am left only with 13 MB of free space and I cannot install anything bigger than that.

    I have downloaded, installed, and configured the Adroid SDK, enabled the USB Debugging and checked for allowing mock locations, but I get no prompt to install drivers. All the links listed on this page do not work - when I click them they are all not valid URLs.

    When I go to the CMD prompt and the android-sdk\tools menu and type in adb devices, i get an error that adb is not a valid command.

    SO, like many, many other people who seem to have problems with this supposed workaround... I am stuck. i was hoping these links on here would work... does anyone have any new valid links for these drivers?

    Or any other real solution for downloading to SD card which actually works?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  17. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    1. If u have HTC phone then these drivers will not work for you.U need to download HTC Sync from HTC website which contains drivers.
    2. If u want to use adb then u must be at android-sdk\platform-tools and not just tools.adb has been now moved from tools to platform tools.
    3. Despite of that adb don't show ur phone in connected device then create adb_usb.ini file in C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\.android folder if it's not there already and add your device vendor id there. e.g. Our micromax A70 has hardware id USB\VID_1d91&PID_0009 so i will add "0x1d91" to adb_usb.ini file without u need to add 0x0bb4 like that ok.
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  18. blandmc

    blandmc New Member

    perfect - thank you. that helps... at least I can see my phone serial number... i used the adb command and it returned no error when I set the InstallLocation to 2.

    Now to try to download & install an app, and see if it works. Thanks!!!
  19. blandmc

    blandmc New Member

    OK - thanks again for the advice.

    The concept both works and doesn't work:

    - It works in the sense that if I successfully download a very small app, then after the install, it will be on the SD Card without me needing to manually move it from the phone:
    + I tried this with 3 small apps, sized: 236 KB, 1.22MB, 824 KB

    - It doesn't work in the sense that when I tried to download a larger app, it still gives me an error message on The Market saying "Sorry, there's not enough space to install this item."
    + I tried this with 2 apps:
    A. Angry Birds Seasons: 18.88 MB
    B. Angry Birds Rio: 18.34 MB

    So, I have thought of 3 possibilities for why this maybe doesn't work:
    1. Android by default actually downloads first to internal storage and then moves to SD card no matter what you set the InstallLocation parameter to. [this seems strange to me, but who knows]

    2. Rovio has their Angry Birds apps set that they must be installed onto internal storage, i.e. they do not enable the move to SD card function. [This seems unlikely to me as I have Angry Birds original already moved to SD card from a couple months ago when I downloaded it]

    3. Android's Market App has some cache from when I tried to download these 2 apps in the past before I set the InstallLocation parameter to the SD card, and it is somehow reading that cache message that I don't have enough space in internal storage rather than looking at the SD card storage. [this seems odd... i have rebooted the phone a few times and seems strange that this would be the case]

    4. Android's Market App always looks at internal phone storage to check if there is space to download, regardless of what the InstallLocation parameter is set to. [This is my guess]

    So, for anyone out that who knows Android well, what's your idea? What do you think the reason is?

    And more importantly, any further advice? My only other two ideas are:

    1. If I root the phone, can I uninstall all the annoying apps I don't use which came with the phone when I bought it? (like facebook, plurk, twitter, soccer news updates, etc) That would free up some nice internal storage. Any danger in this?

    2. I guess I could try to download phone apps on my PC, and then move apk files to the SD card and manually install if I select the check box in Applications-> Developer section to allow apps from unknown sources... Do most apps have this option to download on PC rather than on Market?

    (Sorry - I am totally new to Android with this phone)

    Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!!
  20. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Your answer to first question is yes.
    You can remove any app including the one that came with your phone as well as you can remove system app also (although you shouldn't do that as it will lead to a beautiful brick)
    Another advantage if that you can move any app to sd card even of they are not movable.
    Answer to second question is also yes.
    You can download the apk from PC then move it to ur sd card and install it manually.
  21. jaikarthig

    jaikarthig New Member

  22. jaikarthig

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  23. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    This solution is on this forum since 2 months or more by myself...
    Don't guide people to your own blog buddy.You didn't found this.n the blog just created on 25th december!!!N my tutorial works not only on windows but LINUX too n that's 100% sure.
    Here is the link to that tutorial.
    I just came to know that your blog is just copy/paste of my tutorial.You should atleast give credit.Just add one line there -Credit to mastermind1024 from
    I hate such people who don't care about others hardwork & dedication.Spread the word but don't forget credits.
  24. jaikarthig

    jaikarthig New Member

    ok bro... done... credit goes to mastermind.... agreed... why to get so angry... I am new to blogging... just thought I will start with something good... from now on, all my posts will give the credits...
  25. vijay4b7

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    Blog has been removed
    Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

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