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USB driver on pc

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  1. Jos Michiels

    Jos Michiels New Member

    Can not find driver for mij tablet to put it on my PC.
    Process vc882 arm cortex a8 32 bits process
    mem ddr3 512@667 mhz
    Android version 2.3
    Model MID
    Kernel dt.android@dtandtoid#67
    build nr. MID-userdebug 2.3 GRH55 eng.dtandroid 20111029.145214 test keys

    Best regards

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Android forums!
    Sorry, but we'll need some more informations to find the right drivers for you. Manufacturer and model name, if you don't have this, Model name from Settings/About (If it's MID, it's not enough). If it's some no-name tablet, try to post a link to shop you bought it in or tablet photos, there are more tablets with this hardware specifications and maybe it will be possible to compare it with pictures on Google to find the manufacturer to download the drivers.

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