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  1. twcowdery

    twcowdery Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had any success using a usb hub with the a500 or a501? I tried using two usb flash drives, but it will only read one drive at a time. I have NOT tried a usb drive and another type of device because I don't have any other usb devices to try.


    Disclaimer: I actually have an a501, but there isn't a forum for that any more. The a501 is just the 3G version of the a500.

  2. Mrhelper

    Mrhelper Well-Known Member

    The OS will only mount one USB storage device at a time. You can plug in and use both a keyboard and a USB storage device at the same time though.
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  3. twcowdery

    twcowdery Well-Known Member

    I suspected that might be the case. I got ahold of a spare keyboard and tried that. It worked.

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