USB keyboard, how can I change country?

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  1. DrFroyo

    DrFroyo Member

    I have the ATV1200 :) (great bit of kit), but the USB keyboard is set to US and I dont know how to change.

    All of the devices country and input settings are set to UK, but I think this just applies to the use of the soft keyboard.

    Is it possible to change the country code for the USB keyboard? Im also wondering if this would affect any hardware based keyboard, such as wifi ones?

  2. DrFroyo

    DrFroyo Member


    Must be a config file I can edit somewhere...??
  3. aidymp

    aidymp New Member

    This is a general problem with UK keyboards! Android recognises every language in the world on an extrernal keyboard except one! UK!

    The only way I have found is with a paid app called External keyboard helper it works first time everytime! It seems a little expensive to me so i just added the word apk after the program name in google! ;) I use it on all my Android sticks

    you can PM me if you are having difficulty!
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