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    Oct 2, 2012
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    i'm sure many of you have noticed mtp and ptp mode only mount the internal storage of your phone when you connect to the pc via the usb cable. if you're like me, you've wondered why there is no usb mass storage mode (UMS) and why you cannot move files directly to the external sd card from the pc. well, after much searching and app testing, i've found an app designed for the galaxy s3 which does this perfectly. many thanks to the guys who are responsible for bringing this functionality back that some of us took for granted on older devices.

    the latest version (ver 1.8) of the app found in that thread is verified working for our Rush.
    again, thanks to all involved

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    Dec 22, 2011
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    When I connect my phone to my computer in MTP Mode it shows up as SPH-M830, basically a media device, and when I click on it it shows me one drive for phone and one drive for SD Card, the phone is your internal SD Card and the SD Card is your extSdCard, hope this clears some things up, but yeah we don't need an installed app to access both locations through usb from a computer, they've been working fine here...
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