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  1. martyboy1960

    martyboy1960 New Member

    Just got a lenovo a2107 and mounted a usb flash drive using an on the go cable but it does not register a notification and is not shown in the file system . The same cable and drive combo works ok on my galaxy s2, any ideas are welcome....cheers

  2. Captainslarty

    Captainslarty New Member

    There is a file missing from the etc/permissions directory for usb host.
    Also, another file needs a small edit.
    You need root to do this.
    Google 2107 OTG for more info.
    Hope that helps?
    I will be modding mine tomorrow if I have time so will report back
  3. sobain

    sobain New Member

    I Have Lenovo Idea Tab A2107A-H model. it is not supporting USB via OTG cable.
    Please help if anyone have any info about same how to connect usb through OTG.

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