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Support USB not detecting normally but detected in ODIN MODE

  1. apexiology

    apexiology New Member

    Hello guys. I have been using Galaxy S4 GT-9500 and it has been amazing.
    I have it rooted and it worked fine for these few months.

    Somehow, at the moment my pc could not detect my S4. When i connect it to the pc, it will still charge but nothing else happened.

    weird enough, if i turn it into download mode/ODIN mode, my PC can detect it. Thus I dont think it is likely to be a driver issue.

    I dont think it is the cable issue as well since i have tried using different cable. I also tried to use my sister's Note 2 at my pc using the same cable and it worked fine.

    I have also tried unroot the phone and rooted it back, still the same. Anyone can help me?

    Thanks in advance


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