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  1. herodroider

    herodroider Guest This Topic's Starter

    I have recently purchased and received a Transcend SDHC 8GB (Class 6) card and have successfully installed it onto my phone. I formatted the card. I was able to connect to my Ubuntu Netbook once and transfer files but now it is not being detected by either my Netbook or my PC. I formatted the card again but it is still not being detected.

    What is the problem? Is it the card, the phone or is it something I don't know about? It just seems odd that it works once and never again.

    **I tried my 2GB card that came with the phone and now it doesn't work either, anymore.

  2. uzetaab

    uzetaab Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2010
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    you might have changed the phone's connect mode. with the phone plugged in, slide down the status pane & you should see what mode the phone is currently connected as. Tap on that & you should be able to chose another mode.
  3. herodroider

    herodroider Guest This Topic's Starter

    What do you mean by that. It always pops up with the Android logo and the button to connect or disconnect. It doesn't work anymore.
  4. herodroider

    herodroider Guest This Topic's Starter

    I rebooted my phone and it is now showing up on my PC. I don't know why it wouldn't find it.

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