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  1. dsmith619

    dsmith619 New Member

    Is there any websites that sell the usb port cover for the g1 and if not where can I get a housing for cheap any help will be appreciated thanks

  2. dsmith619

    dsmith619 New Member

  3. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    I'd set up an eBay search for g1 usb cover or similar and wait for it to find you. Or buy a complete busted parts phone and salvage it from there.
  4. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

    hi, not sure where u can find one. Mine broke a few months back and i was absolutely gutted when it happened. But i then read up and saw people saying its not really too bad.....and if any consolidation, its true. You might feel bad now but its actually so much easier with it off and eventually you wont even miss it. With the amount you have to charge the G1 its easier just not having it.

    Time is a good healer ;)
  5. fratermus

    fratermus Well-Known Member

    I took mine off and stored it for safekeeping in case I want to sell it later. Like Sal says, ya gotta charge so much it didn't make sense to keep it on.
  6. josephjq

    josephjq Member

    good call on saving it to sell later. im sure the price of G1 usb covers is going to skyrocket any day now....up to maybe 5 or 10 cents
  7. Snowman269

    Snowman269 Member

    I put the cover in place, then with some good quality 3M vinyl electrical tape, affixed it to the back cover. Then with a razor blade, I trimmed the electrical tape from touching the plug or the front cover. Plug is attached to back cover only. Been working good since June of last year, 8 months. and still looks as good as the day I installed it. I figured I'd have to put a new piece of tape on it by now, but it's still holding up.
  8. rhyolite

    rhyolite New Member

    I bought one at Was using HTC Hero then and it served me well.

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