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  1. igoslow

    igoslow New Member

    I posted this earlier but it disappeared??

    When the phone is unplugged, it says USB connected, and all of the icons are missing from the top of the homepage (time, signal strength, 3g, etc). The pull down menu is also hard to pull down then is real jerky when it does pull down.

    When the phone is plugged in, it has the signal for the USB and all the icons return, It also shows a full battery, then tho it is not.

    Any ideas?

  2. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    i have similar problem. the usb connected icon on notification bar won't go away after unplugging from usb port of laptop, phone functions fine otherwise. this happens consistently if i leave it connected via charge only option to my laptop, but then laptop goes to sleep for extended period of time.
  3. spoolin

    spoolin New Member

    I have the same issue. Has anyone else had this or come up with a fix for it.
  4. dr.pepper1

    dr.pepper1 Well-Known Member

    My wife's Epic just started doing this today. Haven't figured out how to fix this.
  5. Jabbywak

    Jabbywak New Member

    I just started this same problem and it won't stop is the malware or spyware and how do I fix it hellpppp.
  6. robbiebobbob

    robbiebobbob New Member

    I have also encountered this problem. Someone out there please help us!
  7. zojo274

    zojo274 New Member

    make sure you eject your device prior to disconnecting USB cable hooked to computer. Also using a USB cable connected to 110 v adapter can cause this. Simply connect phone to comp and eject this might help.
  8. o0Syn

    o0Syn Well-Known Member

    I did a backup of my contacts and wrote down all my apps. Then did a factory reset and cache wipe each 3x now all of my little annoyances like this are gone so far
  9. gnarliprime

    gnarliprime New Member

    I just solved this issue.

    My phone would show usb connected constantly or connect and disconnect quickly. In my case it wasn't a software issue, when I tried to turn it on w/o a cable plugged it 9/10 I would see that battery charging symbol that pops up when charging with the phone off.

    I resolved by using the toothpick portion of one of those plastic disposable flossing things and carefully moved it around inside of the port while watching the connection message until I found the source. Hope this helps anyone that still sees this
  10. Vthg2themax

    Vthg2themax New Member

    Used paper clip to move around micro usb thingy, and it fixed issue!

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