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  1. anuradha30

    anuradha30 New Member

    When I connect my LG optimus 350 to the USB of my Laptop or Car I get a option 'turn on USB'. When I turn it on and go to 'think free office' or 'Music' i get a message 'no SD card inserted'. How do I use this facility in my car?

  2. amit_eighty8

    amit_eighty8 Well-Known Member

    Just let u know these application like think free office' or 'Music'
    uses SD card ...when u connect and turn usb on the SD card is no long available to these application... so if u just want to charge your phone using car usb or laptop just dont turn on the USB ..

    Hope this helps
  3. anuradha30

    anuradha30 New Member

    Thank you. I have a 4GB card inserted. Now is there a diff between this and a SD card?
  4. amit_eighty8

    amit_eighty8 Well-Known Member

    what is "this" in this context, I am unable to understand ur question

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