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  1. aleewa

    aleewa New Member

    whenever I unlock my s3 it'll have this 'USB' sound (the sound when u plug in a USB) and when I'm smsing/whatsapp halfway, the keyboard will suddenly disappear and i have to re-tap the combo box again. can anyone help?? much appreciated!!

  2. elbeeuk

    elbeeuk Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    With regard to the unlock sound, have you got the following option enabled:
    settings>sounds>screen lock sound
    Turn it off and see if that sorts it.

    In terms of the keyboard disappearing, it can be hidden by holding the phone's 'Menu' button(bottom left of phone) down. Holding it down again brings it back.
    Is this possibly what's happening?


  3. aleewa

    aleewa New Member

    I turned it off alr but its still there..it's not the use ripple sound that u usually get but the sound when u plug in a USB. :( I tried taking out the battery and restart but after a while it comes back :(

    the keyboard disappears whenever i start typing. so type a few letters and it disappears..I have to keep pressing the convo box for the keyboard to come out. is it a hardware problem? is there a need to send for servicing?
  4. elbeeuk

    elbeeuk Well-Known Member

    Sounds like something's not right with the phone.
    Have you tried a factory reset? Settings>Back up and Reset>Factory Data Reset
    Obviously backup the bits and bobs you don't want to lose (sms, pics, contacts,etc) and see if that works. If not, you'd be just as well getting a replacement as it definitely shouldn't do that.


  5. aleewa

    aleewa New Member

    yeah I did a factory reset as my last resort alr but it just didn't solve the problem..guess I'll head down to Samsung today for servicing. :( hey thanks a lot for helping! :)
  6. Awreccan

    Awreccan New Member

    Hey aleewa I'm having exactly the same problem. But this problem (keyboard disappearing with USB sound) occurs only occasionally. Like right now it's not happening, but an hour back it was really driving me up the wall.

    Was Samsung able to shed some light on this?

    All said and done, though, this phone still rocks haha.
  7. ngan

    ngan New Member

    I am having the same problem with the disappearing and flickering keyboard as well. like awreccan said, it is freaking annoying! it makes it impossible to browse the web. I have this other problem when i run other apps like scramble with friends. it keeps bringing me to the pause screen in the middle of a game for no reasons! i suspect it derives from the same problem with the keyboard.
    I have been looking all over the web for a solution, and this blog.is the closest thing. With that said, if you guys find a fix, and have heard anything official from samsung, please let me know! thanks in advance.
    There is also a possibility that i have received a defecto. I find the phone very glitchy in comparison to my old galaxy s2, slower even! and it freezes a lot, like A LOT! matter of fact, this is actually my second time typing this comment because the phone froze on me just 5 mins ago before I could click on the submit button.... whats your thought?
  8. MCbatz

    MCbatz New Member

    Hi, I came across this thread searching for an answer to the same issue when trying to access voicemail, screen just kept disappearing. So given that you guys have helped me on many occasions, thought that I would return the favour.

    I had a search on the troubleshooting section of Samsung support for the S3 and found an FAQ = 436148: why does my Galaxy SIII handset's screen not turn back on, just after talking on the phone. It's to do with the proximity sensor > Phone > Option key > Phone settings > Auto screen off during calls.

    When I unchecked the box, went back to the keypad for voicemail and started typing, it worked, no more disappearing screen. To double-check, I checked the Auto screen box again, went back to the keypad and the problem came back. So that may be a fix?? See what you think.

    Unfortunately you can't seem to link to the specific FAQ, so search for 436148 and it will come up.
  9. NJPrincess74

    NJPrincess74 New Member

    Im having same problem wit the disappearing keyboard i only had the phone a week and took it back to tmobile and they swapped out the phone for a new one had this on for 3 day and still same issued i am so annoyed u dunno what i should do
  10. mnopqrah

    mnopqrah New Member

    i managed to solve the "disappearing keyboard" problem by resetting keyboard settings.

    Settings > Language and input > Default > Configure input methods > Samsung keyboard > Reset settings

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