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usb storage

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  1. Salin88

    Salin88 New Member

    When i go into 'Settings' then into 'SD card & phone storage' i do not have the 'usb storage' tab. i did have it the first time i added files to my G1 but it is no longer there. How do i add music now or is there something i must do in order to get that tab back?

  2. honugirl

    honugirl Active Member

    well i had that same problem a couple of weeks ago and i freaked out if u had an update it took out that usb storage option off of the settings . but what u need to do is connect the usb to ur g1 and u will get a nitification saying usb connected, then u open up the notification bar and select mount and ur sd card should show up on ur computer. :)

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