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usb storageSupport

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  1. almsdroid

    almsdroid New Member

    I just bought my first android, I

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  2. ucop

    ucop New Member

    Same problem.
    my micrO Sd Card is 4GB,
    but the app install/ save in HP memory. And Already FULL.

    How Can in save The download my app to my micri SD?
    and whan tO sPended my HP Quota.

    U all can HeLp??
    U All are On Line?
  3. ucop

    ucop New Member

    How aBout yOur Hand Phone Almsdroid??
  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    What is HP memory???

    You mean Phone/device memory??

    If so, that is where Apps install by default, but most Apps can be moved to External SD.....some cannot!!!!

    Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications......

    Tap on "On SD Card" tab......

    There are listed Apps which can be moved or have been moved.....

    moved Apps have green check mark .....

    To move App just tap....

    you will get App page.....where u can tap to move to SD.....


    Also, get App2SD free from Market

    ....it Automates the process!!!!
  5. imrean3512

    imrean3512 New Member

    How do i transfer anything from my phone to the computer or my computer to the phone.........!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  6. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    usually when i plug the phone into the computer it comes up with the screen asking how to use the device,

    view folders, find a folder you wanna copy music too(i use media i think...or music!) and jist do a straight copy!
  7. imrean3512

    imrean3512 New Member

    but when i plug it in nothing shows up......when i plug it in my phone says mtp completed.......blahblahblah:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  8. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    When you put your phone on your pc - your phone are like another usb/sd card.

    Did you install Kies on your pc ?? then you set your phone to the pc and then sync. in Kies and then you can see your phone.
  9. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    if it doesnt come up automatically go into my compiter and it should be there....

    failing this, go into the settings and select usb mode (thibk its in debugging or something) plug back in and you will be able to view it through my computer
  10. maen

    maen New Member

    i am facing this problem & my conclusion is:
    1- even if u transfer the apps to external, you still have this problem, cause all updates will be saved on the USB Storage, so if u have a huge app or game that need a huge update then ur storage will be full.

    2- the solution: do a search for SWAP Internal with external memory, read it carefully, cause u will loose all the data on the external.
    another thing when swapping, u will loose the external memory, but instead will have a big internal memory based on the micro SD u have
  11. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    To connect via USB and access mass storage mode:

    Go into settings, Wireless & Network, USB utilities, USB mass storage and tap the "connect storage to PC" button, then connect to PC and follow the prompt.

    If you don't want MTP mode, don't just connect to PC first unless USB debugging is turned on. When it is turned on, connect up, then follow the prompts from the status bar pull down.

    If I connect mine with debugging turned off, the phone goes to MTP mode, PC sees it and I can access, but it doesn't show .hidden folders or files.

    3 ways to get into it.

    I'm pretty sure Kies was able to work with the device just in MTP mode when I did my 2.3.6 update via USB connection.

    There is a "usbStorage" folder within the device internal memory. It's not actually separate internal storage. I found to root my phone with recovery mode, I had to place the zip files in there for it to work. Putting them in the "external_sd" folder in the device memory failed. This folder is not your external card, that appears separate under Windows Explorer.
    Confusing compared to my old phone, but I got used to it.

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