USB Tether Phone to Tablet?

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  1. PerfectReign

    PerfectReign Well-Known Member

    I hope this isn

  2. blwnv8

    blwnv8 Member

    You should be able to tether it with usb but i'm not sure it's going to save you that much battery life.
  3. PerfectReign

    PerfectReign Well-Known Member


    I figured teh big drain was the radio transmission on both devices.


    I'll go find a mini usb to mini usb cable...
  4. blwnv8

    blwnv8 Member

    I'm sure the radio is prob a bigger drain but I don't think the usb would be that much less. Interested to see what you find out.
  5. fische

    fische New Member

    I have been searching, with no avail, on how to tether my HTC EVO to my new android tablet. I have tried the pdanet tablet, but my tablet does not have bluetooth. It does have Android 4.0. Since it is an HTC, I can't use foxfire non-bluetooth, right?
  6. DarthOtto

    DarthOtto New Member

    I want to use my phones internet connection with my Google Nexus 7. I can do it with bluetooth but it is slow. How can I do this with usb. I have the cable and my Nexus is rooted.
  7. Fitzaubrey

    Fitzaubrey New Member

    Right after I got my new Nexus 7, I tried to USB tether from my Rezound (unrooted), and it didn't work. I just tried it again, and it connects. Maps (for one) complains that it doesn't have a data connection, but it goes ahead and works.

    But it's slow. The connection tests out at 600kbits/sec. Using BT, the speed is more like 700k.
  8. Fitzaubrey

    Fitzaubrey New Member

    Never mind. My test was faulty. Despite telling PDAnet to tether in USB mode, the Rezound and the tablet were setting up a bluetooth connection. On the plus side, tonight's tests of the resulting bluetooth connection yielded much better speeds, around 1400-1600kbits/sec.
  9. Smoking RR

    Smoking RR New Member

    back from the dead. Has anyone got a way to do this yet?
  10. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Open settings and hit activate wifi hotspot? That's how I do it.
  11. Smoking RR

    Smoking RR New Member

    Yes, & I can do the same thing. But I'm limited to 5 gigs via Wi-Fi tethering. I have unlimited gigs on USB tethering. Hence the reason I'm asking about USB tethering and not Wi-Fi tethering.

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