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USB Tethering; HELP !! , I want to get internet access on my laptop via phoneSupport

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  1. g725s

    g725s Member

    I have tried to get USB Tethering to work to get internet on my laptop through my Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm with Sprint if that matters. I have unlimited text/data plan. I don't want to pay for the Sprint Wi Fi Hotspot service. Can I get access for my laptop through my phone using USB Tethering without paying?

    I tried installing a driver I found at the Samsung website. It seemed to work, but then I notice that my phone was receiving Wi Fi from my wireless router here at home. I was able to surf the web with my phone tethered via USB to my laptop as long as I was receiving Wi Fi to the phone via my home router.

    But when I turned off the Wi-Fi access within the phone I was unable to get internet connection via my cell phone through my sprint service.

    The driver I downloaded from Samsung and installed on my PC (Windows 7) was the Samsung USB Driver For Mobile Devices V1.4.6.0
    During the driver install on my PC most of the features installed but it did say that Moble MTP Divices "failed"

    Any ideas on how I can get my phone service to provide internet access via the USB tethering? Or some other way? I can only imagine that Sprint is making Samsung and Android make it as hard as possible to get internet access via your cell phone to another device so as to limit data usage.

  2. ldivinag

    ldivinag Well-Known Member

    fox fi?
  3. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

  4. g725s

    g725s Member

  5. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    I used PdaNet for a long time on my Incredible before I rooted it, and it worked great and was very reliable. You need to download the Windows version to your computer and then follow the directions to attach your phone and let PdaNet load what it needs to on it.
  6. g725s

    g725s Member

    I just looked on the Google Play site via my phone for PdaNet. But all I can find is "PdaNet Tablet". What version do I want for my Galaxy S3? Is there a free version or is it best to just pay?

    If it is not on Google Play then I need to download it and learn how to install apps that are not from Google Play. I'm new to Android.

    Or do you not install a PdaNet app on your phone, but only on the Windows PC?
  7. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    Download the free Windows version that I linked to in my earlier post, install it on your computer and follow the directions. It's been a while since I used it but it was pretty easy to set up as I remember.

    Here is the FAQ page:

  8. hvrc

    hvrc Well-Known Member

    I'm using easy tether from the play market myself, usb tethering. The drivers that were included always say they weren't installed right yet it still works, every time. With the only gripe of facebook not wanting to load. Foxfi is blocked by sprint it seems cause it wouldn't work for me, and while I was rooted, using androidtether, sprint kept restarting my network and prepairing it. Opengarden worked for a bit but I had to change my user agent.

    Hope this helps
  9. g725s

    g725s Member

    Thanks to all of you for your help with PdaNet. I thought I had checked USB Debugging but I guess with the screen being such a light touch, that I accidentally unchecked it too.

    Seems to be working now. Thanks again to all of you.
  10. g725s

    g725s Member

    Just curious. The PdaNet site does not have much info on the difference between the free and paid version.

    What features would you gain with the paid version?

    I do see at the bottom of the download page it says:
    Note: Once trial expires, you can continue using PdaNet for free. The only difference is that free edition blocks secure web sites.

    So I assume that maybe the version I have is actually a trial version that will not be able to access SSL sites once the trial period expires. Is this the difference?

    Also, on the PdaNet download page it says:

    New! Version 3.50 is integrated with FoxFi to give you WiFi Hotspot mode support.

    what now would I need to do to make my phone a Wi-Fi Hotspot?
  11. Musky

    Musky Well-Known Member

    As mentioned earlier, FoxFi is free and once installed, just follow the setup instructions and you will be able to connect your computer wirelessly through your phones 3G/4G network.

    As for the trial version of PdaNet, it's been so long since I used it, I don't remember anything "expiring". Maybe there was no trial version when I used it and it was free then too.
  12. g725s

    g725s Member

    Well it looks like Sprint won't let me get Fox Fi from Google Play.

    I guess I need to learn how to bypass Google Play? ;)
  13. mischiefse7en

    mischiefse7en Well-Known Member

    try this
  14. g725s

    g725s Member

    Thanks. It looks like they are still working on it for the S3. Guess I'll have to check back later there.

    "Installation instructions (for Sprint/AT&T Users): 1. Make sure "Unknown Sources" is checked in phone Settings (under Applications or Developer).
    2. Tap on the following links to download the apk file for FoxFi.
    3. From phone notifications select the downloaded file. This will install FoxFi.
    FoxFi latest version: 1.91.3
    *Support for the new Galaxy S3 and the new ICS update for Epic Touch are being worked on. Should be compatible soon in a future update."

    Would you run the FoxFi installer on the PC or go direct to that webpage with your phone?
  15. abedauhajre

    abedauhajre Member

    I just got a Galaxy S3 with T-mobile unlimited data. I donloaded Foxfi from the Play Store and the Addon. I installed it and tried to connect to a blackberry phone and to my laptop, but eventhough is showing a good signal when it connects I gette a message that there is no internet connection.

    Has someone set up foxfi on S3 (tmobile) and works? If so could you post a step by step?
  16. mischiefse7en

    mischiefse7en Well-Known Member

    you go to the website from your phone, works on my verizon S3

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