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  1. lvlark212

    lvlark212 New Member

    Hi guys, i recently bought an lge400 which I'm trying to hook up to my pc to get internet access, however its asking for drivers, which it can't find, it can't even find them online either.

    i have been on lg's website and found a driver but its only a driver to recognize the phone

    Does anyone know where i can get these drivers? Been searching all of yesterday on google and can't seem to find anything! :(

    the drivers its looking for is:

    CDC Ethernet Control Model (ECM)
    LGE Android Phone

    If I've missed any info let me know and i can tell you :)

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

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  3. lvlark212

    lvlark212 New Member

    Thanks for the reply

    Is that a link you posted? Its just taking me to a white screen :(
  4. lvlark212

    lvlark212 New Member

    Got it thanks and it is now all working perfect

    thanks for your help :)
  5. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    No problem. For thanks got the thank you button.

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